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Conference: Imam Khomeini and the Status of Women

The prestigious Islamic Centre of England will host this June, 4th the 19th Imam Khomeini Conference and the Status of Women.

 The conference discussions will centered around the status of women in Islam, and attempt to dispel misconceptions and bias.

Contrary to Western popular belief women occupy a position of both strength, and importance. “Be respectful to women, as they are the mothers of mankind,” said Imam Ali (AS).Imam khomeini conf


Professor Rodney Shakespeare – Barrister, Social Justice Campaigner, UK

Sr Nicole Correri M.Ed – International Public Speaker, USA

Dr Mahnaz Haydarpour – Islamic Lecturer, Iran

Mr Jalal Fairooz – Former MP, Bahrain

Haj Abbas Di Palma – President of Imam Mahdi Islamic Association, Italy

Sr Zahra Al Alawi – TV Presenter, Women’s Rights Activists, UK

Dr Amina Inloes – Researcher and Lecturer, UK/USA

Sr Sayeda Umme Ferwa – Founder of Labayk Ya Zahra, UK

Sheikh Dr Mohammad Ali Shomali – Director of Islamic Centre of England

Topics will include:

  1. Family:
  • Imam Khomeini’s Letter to his Wife
  • His Relationship with his family
  1. Women’s Role in the Islamic Revolution (During and Post Revolution)
    3. Women’s Resistance to Oppression Yesterday and Today (Islamophobia, Prejudice against women in particular Muslim women)
    4.      The Rights of Women in Islam and in the View of Imam Khomeini
    5.       The Challenges Facing Muslim Women from Dictatorship to Cultural Restrictions
    6.       The Status of Iranian Women Today
    7.       Young Muslim Women in the West – Roles and Responsibilities
    8.       The Role of the Family in Social Change
  • Revolution
  • War
  • Reconstruction of Society

9.   Combatting the Exploitation of Women in the Media and Public Perception
10.   Women and Spirituality

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