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Muslim Scholars

Sayyid Fāḍil Ḥosaynī Mīlānī

Ayatollah Sayyed Fazel Hussaini Milani

Place of birth: Karbala – Iraq Place rolls: London – Britain Birth and Family Ayatollah Dr Sayyed Fadhil H Al-Milani was born in Holy City of Kerbala in year 1944. His paternal grandfather is the late Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Mohamed Hadi Al-Milani and his maternal grandfather is the late Ayatollah …

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Mortaḍā Moṭahharī

Ayatollah Motahhari

Place of birth: Fariman – Iran Place of Martyrdom: Tehran – Iran   Born and upbringing Ayatullāh Murťadhā Muťahharī, one of the principle architects of the new Islāmic consciousness in Iran, was born on February 2nd, 1920, in Farīmān, then a village and now a township about sixty kilometers from Mashhad, the …

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