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Campaign to Save Pakistani Shia Muslims from Terror

The campaign of “Save Pakistani Shia Muslim from the terror” organized by Pakistani Shia Muslims who are under terrorist attack for several years.

Stop killing the innocent people, Doctors, Engineers, Officers and Clerics and pressure the state of Pakistan to support the nation.

Do not stand with the terror groups, punish the criminals, arrest their big ones, disarm them, and to serve the country’s constitution and assure the security of the people that live in this country; and If it fails, the UN itself should take action and save the people of Pakistan especially the Shia Muslims, as human beings from oppression and terrorists.

Terrorists kill the people and the state punish them as well, while the terrorists are free to do what the Wahhabism commands. Our innocent youngsters are arrested, tortured and even hanged and the murderers are being freed from the prisons while their crimes are proven.

There is a census going on in Pakistan and the state has added new questions to the questions common in census process.

The government officials ask the Shia Muslim some sectarian and unusual questions and the Shia Muslims are facing the medieval Inquisition state.

We demand the international human rights organization to stop the Inquisition of Shia Muslims of Pakistan.

This is important because Shia Muslims of Pakistan are suffering from target killings, bomb blasts, suicide attacks resulting in massacres, genocide and long-lasting blockades of the Shia populations, where there the state’s hands are obvious as well. As well as the Shia Muslims are facing sectarian Inquisition in the census started by the state.

If the Human Rights Organizations consider the Pakistani Nation as a Human mass, and if they will take a step towards the researches and investigations, they will find the facts even not yet been discussed and will be the cause of immediate action internationally.

To sign the petition online click here.

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