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Book: The Victors of Imam Hussain (A.S)

Through his book The Victors, Ayatollah Chamseddine provides a critical study of the individuals who came to support Imam Hussain in his movement against the Umayyad regime of Yazid ibn Muawiya in 680 AD.

This work sheds light on who those individuals were, their backgrounds, as well as a look into the discrepancies found in history’s account of the quantity and traits of Hussain’s supporters. Ayatollah Chamseddine’s initial intent with this work was to provide an appendix for his book, Hussain’s Revolution; however, given the length and significance of this particular study, he decided to publish an entirely separate book dedicated to the victors of Hussain.

Bibliographic Information

Title: The Victors of Imam Hussain

Editor(s): Muhammad Mahdi Chamseddine

Publisher: Mainstay Foundation

 Language: English

Length: 282 pages

ISBN: 978-1943393084

Pub. Date: March 9, 2016

The Victors of Imam Husayn

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