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Book: Principles of Islamic International Criminal Law +PDF

The book “Principles of Islamic International Criminal Law: A Comparative Search” debates the substance of Islamic international criminal law and the system of international criminal law side by side and offers the message that no law is superior to justice, peace and a common understanding of the world.

While the system of international law is improving enormously and certain legal provisions are becoming an integral part of jus cogens norms, this body of law must be studied together with other systems which have basically been effective in its development. The principles of the rule of law must be evaluated collectively rather than selectively. In fact, most Islamic nations have ratified the ICC Statute. They have thereby contributed to the establishment of the pillars of morality, equality, peace and justice. At the same time, those pillars may be strengthened by means of an accurate interpretation of the principles of international criminal laws by all parties. The objective of these comparative philosophies is to examine their core principles, similarities and differences. The intention is to indicate that the variation in theories may not obstruct the legal implementation of international criminal law if their dimensions are judged objectively and with the noblest of motives towards mankind.

About the Author

Farhad Malekian is the founder and director of the Institute of International Criminal Law, Sweden. He is the author of outstanding volumes, books and articles which have been an integral part of scholarly reading literature in different universities.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Principles of Islamic International Criminal Law: A Comparative Search

Author: Farhad Malekian

Publisher: Brill

 Language: English

Length: 214 pages

ISBN: 9789004203969

Pub. Date: June 2011

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