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Book “Nikah and beyond” by Q Fatima

Nikah is a commitment of man and woman to the Creator and His timeless laws.

According to Islamic law it is known as a bi-lateral contract (aqd) proposed by the woman and accepted by the man. However, we know that without love there is no contract strong enough to hold two people together.

Man and woman are drawn towards each other because individually we are programmed to feel incomplete. Prophet Adam (AS) when created was the ‘richest’ man in all aspects yet sensed a feeling of being incomplete which he could not resolve or understand. It was only when Allah created Sayyida Hawwa that he felt complete.

Without the sanctity of Nikah however, man and woman are like two fires which consume each other. Two people may love and care for each other but without inviting Allah into the relationship what is there to bind temporal human beings eternally? In essence we have two strangers with different personalities and backgrounds going through many different transitions in their lives including the inherent physiological, psychological and emotional differences between man and woman.

Nikah therefore is a commitment of man and woman to the Creator and His timeless laws.

Table of Contents

Nikah – Introduction

Spiritual assistance to get married

How do we prepare for Nikah?

Spouse selection

The Engagement period


Recitation before Nikah


Khutba of Nikah

Conditions for the ‘aqd of Nikah

The ‘Aqd of Nikah

Dua after the ‘aqd of Nikah

When congratulating the bride & groom

Mustahabat for the wedding night


What makes a marriage work?


Duas to maintain a relationship

Duas when seeking help

Duas for conception


Month by month recommendations

Duas at the time of delivery

Upbringing of a child

Parenting in a home

Nurturing good behaviour

Ahadith about children

Duas for children

To download the book, click the following:  Nikah_and_Beyond

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