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Book: A New Perspective: Women in Islam

This book is a dialogue between an Islamic scholar and a Muslim woman. The book discusses and expounds various issues regarding the rights and laws that pertain to women in Islam, and unwraps some of the distorted images and misconceptions that surround Muslim women.

The delicate issue of women in Islam has been a subject plagued and manipulated by malicious and misrepresented sources of information. An extensive body of written work has been produced by a variety of literary writers, journalists, theologians, and Islamic scholars regarding Muslim women. Some writers have genuinely manifested the subject of Muslim women while others, who have no in-depth knowledge about the core of the religion, have used the subject of women in Islam as a forum full of skepticism, exaggeration, and misinformation.

It is often stated that Islam considers a woman to be in the relative position of a lesser human being, and even Prophet Muhammad has been reputed as having been “anti-woman.” However, upon an in-depth examination of the Quran and the sayings of the Prophet, one finds this to be a disingenuous accusation. The Prophet was greatly aware of women’s rights. He fought actively to respond to them through legislation and practices.

Bibliographic Information

Title: A New Perspective: Women in Islam

Authors: Fatma Saleh & Sayyid Moustafa al-Qazwini

Publisher: Islamic Educational Center of; First U.S. Edition

Language: English

Length: 140 pages

ISBN: 978-0971042001

Pub. Date: June 25, 2001

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