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Book: Islamic Property Law

The book “Islamic Property Law: Cases and Materials for Comparative Analysis with the Common Law” is the first casebook of its kind to offer Islamic law training to American law students in the comparative case-method style of learning.

The several areas of law covered under the umbrella of Property are developed through translations of classical Islamic law texts in conjunction with English and American cases on the same subjects. The materials are sufficiently detailed to provide the type of sophisticated analysis with which law professors and students are familiar.

Although the focus is on Islamic property law, the course also covers areas such as torts, contracts, criminal law, wills and trusts, constitutional law, and jurisprudence, insofar as these areas touch on property. In this way the book also satisfies the tradition of comparative law casebooks that are comprehensive in coverage. Readers should gain a sound understanding of property law in classical Islam and an enhanced understanding of property law in the United States.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Islamic Property Law: Cases and Materials for Comparative Analysis with the Common Law

Author: John Makdis

Publisher: Carolina Academic Press (June 30, 2005)

Language: English

Length: 640 pages

ISBN: 978-1594601101

Pub. Date: June 30, 2005

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