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Book: Islamic Family Law by Ayatollah Milani

The book “Islamic Family law” was written by Ayatollah Fadel Husseini Milani with contribution of Amar Hegedus.

Islamic Law (also known as Shari’ah) contains four categories: Acts of Devotion, Commercial Law, Family Law and Criminal Law. For Muslims in non–Muslim countries, Acts of Devotion are secured for all regardless of race or the religion of the country. In relation to Commercial Law, Muslims are free to formulate terms and conditions so that the contracts they enter into comply with Islam. As for Family Law, there is little contradiction/controversy between Islamic Law and the Law of the Land. The only category where there are marked differences is the penal code; this has prompted much heated debate in European countries, particularly the United Kingdom. This book focuses upon Family Law. The other categories of Islamic Law are to be the subject of forthcoming works.

Bibliographic information

Title: Islamic family law

Author: Ayatollah Sayyed Fadhel Husseini Milani

Contributor: Amar Hegedüs

Publisher: Islam In English Press

Language: English

Length: 152

ISBN: 9780954158552

Pub. Date: 2012


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