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Book: Hajj – The Islamic Pilgrimage

This book can serve as a handbook for the pilgrims who wish to have more knowledge about the physical and spiritual aspects of Hajj.

As a result of unity of opinion and unanimity arising from believing in one God and being the followers of one Book and one Prophet, all Muslims stand in a single rank facing Kiblah and go round a center with a single aim.

Such unity of ideology and act gives this assembly so much power that it can remove mountains, defeat the most formidable opposition powers, foil any treacherous plot, and generate a life full of happiness, dignity, and supremacy by performing heavenly injunctions and consolidating the pillars of social justice.

Beyond doubt, what can solve problems of life is social cooperation, which is materialized by creating understanding among nations. The most important factor behind understanding is the rightful teachings of a religion, which bridges the gaps, brings hearts together, creates a link between east and west, and makes the black and white, Arabs and non-Arabs, Turks and Hindus, feel sympathy for one another.

The book was written by Sayyid Muhammad Zia Abadi, translated by Ali Akbar Aghili Ashtiyani and Published by Ansarian Publication.

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