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Muḥammad Hadī Maʻrifat

Place of birth: karbala – Iraq
Shaykh Ma`rifat was born in Karbala, Iraq in 1930 into a family known for its religious and pious background. His father, Shaykh Ali Ma`rifat Isfahani, was a famous preacher and orator in Karbala.
Religious Education
Having finished his primary school, Ma`rifat entered the Islamic Seminary of Karbala, where he studied the preliminary lessons from his father, Sayyid Sa`id Tankabun, and Shaykh Muhammad Kalbasi. He also learned higher level studies till the level of Kharij from his teacher Shaykh Yusif Khurasani Biyarjemandi (a student of the late Ayatollah Na’ini) and Sayyid Hasan Qazwini (the late Ayatollah Aakhound Khurasani’s student).
Emigration to Najaf
After that, Ma`rifat traveled to Najaf and entered the seminary there. In Najaf, he benefited from the knowledge of many famous religious scholars such as Sayyid Muhsin Al-Hakeem, Sayyid Ali Faani, Shaykh Husayn Hilli, and Mirza Baqir Zanjani. However, Ayatollah Khou’i was Ma`rifat’s main teacher from whom he learned the most. Shaykh Ma`rifat also attended Imam Khumayni’s lectures, during his residence in Najaf.
Emigration to Qum, Iran
In 1970, Shaykh Muhammad Hadi Ma`rifat migrated to Qom and entered the Islamic Seminary there. For some time he attended the lectures of Ayatollah Mirza Hashim Aamuli.
When he first began his studies, Ma`rifat took paid special attention to his studies and research on Islamic. The same special attention went carried over into his teaching, for example he taught the book Kifayatul Usool twice.
Many of Shaykh Ma`rifat’s articles on Fiqh have been published in various magazines and distributed in many conferences. Ma`rifat also has edited and compiled many books that partakes a large role in spreading the Shi`ite ideology. A majority of his article focuses upon the Aalul Bayt’s (AS) role in the religious doctrine of beliefs. At present, Shaykh Muhammad Hadi Ma`rifat teaches the Kharij stage of Fiqh, Usool, commentary of Qur’an, and other Qur’anic sciences in the Islamic Seminary of Qom.

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