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Article: Lifestyle and Ground-setting Training

The article “Lifestyle and Ground-setting Training: Exploring the Muslim Culture and Identity” was written by Muchammad Ali and Published in “The Bright Future.”

Nowadays, in the Western capitalist world, the religious culture is understood as the determinant of the national identity which is used to get the capital and to win it from the other in the era of liberal industry, so that why the Americans who were religiously converted into Islam were no longer called Americans, but Moslems or quasi-Americans. In this context, national identity marker is politically dealing with the religious identity in the paradigm of culture to win the social modal. In the discourse of global politic, the West and Americans are identical with Christianity; Middle East and Arabs are identical with Islam, and India is identical with Hindu. Therefore, the Western people identify themselves and others with the religious identity which they have followed via the role of cultural elements.

A lifestyle as the main signifier of religious cultural elements has a strategic power to justify the self identity. Lifestyle is the typical way of life of an individual or group in the paradigm of culture.

Bibliographic Information

Title: Lifestyle and Ground-setting Training: Exploring the Muslim Culture and Identity

Author: Mochammad Ali

Published in:  The Bright Future, Number 8, June 2013,

 Language: English

Length: 17 pages

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