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An Overview of The Mahdi’s (‘atfs) Government

One of the questions that occupy the mind of many people is this: How will the Imam (‘atfs) eliminate the various political systems—having different views and capabilities—and establish a unified global system?

How will his administrative system and program operate in which there will be no oppression and tyranny, corruption, and starvation in the world? This idea prompted me to conduct intensive research and study for four years, and the result of such an endeavor is the book, which is hereby presented to you, dear reader.

In the first part of this book, the state of affairs in the world prior to the advent of the Imam (‘atfs)—which is replete with war and killing, destruction and famine, death and disease, tyranny and oppression, and insecurity and aggression—is examined. It is concluded that the people at that time will be in despair with respect to the various doctrines, schools and governments each of which will claim to be the proponent of human rights, happiness and salvation; they will lose hope as to the improvement of the undesirable conditions in the world, and will expect a reformer to come to give them salvation.

The second part of the book deals with the manner of the global uprising and revolution of Hadrat3Mahdi (‘atfs); a movement that will start by his declaration at the vicinity of the Ka‘bah in Mecca.

His true followers and companions throughout the world will join him. The central command headquarters will be formed; the army organized; commanders appointed; and extensive operations conducted.

Imam Mahdi (‘atfs) will appear and engage in uprooting tyranny and oppression in society. This society is not confined to the land of Hijaz, the Middle East and Asia; instead, it is global in scope. Reformation of such a society full of injustice and corruption is indeed not an easy job, and the claimant reformer—the true claimant—would claim a great miracle and this miracle will be shown by him.

The third part of the book touches on the government of the Last Imam (‘a). In a bid to rule the world freed from tyranny and corruption as well as to realize the sovereignty of Islam, he will establish a powerful and efficient government through the assistance of his capable companions at his time and the great personalities from among the pious predecessors such as Hadrat ‘Isa (Jesus the Messiah) (‘a),Salman al-Farsi, Malik al-Ashtar, Salih (‘a), etc. Albeit, their roles in overthrowing tyrannical governments cannot be dismissed, their main roles will be in the reconstruction and reformation of the world under the aegis of the universal government of Hadrat Mahdi (‘atfs).

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