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Ḥassan Ibn Yūsif Ibn Moṭahhar Ḥillī (ʻAllāmah Ḥillī)

Born and Family
Sheikh Raziuddin Ali was born on Shawwal 11th, 635 A.H., in the Iraqi city of Hillah.
He was an elder brother of the famous Islamic scholar, Allameh Helli. Their father, Sheikh Sadiduddin Yusof Helli, was a distinguished Shiite Jurisprudent, an expert in Islamic sciences such as Fiqh (Islamic Jurisprudence), Osool (Principles of Fiqh), and Kalaam (Theology).
Although the region of Hillah in the 7th and 8th centuries Hegira was famous for producing too many brilliant Islamic scholars, the brightest jewels were the reputed families of “Tawus” and “Allameh Helli” who attracted the rapt attention of the world; they produced some outstanding luminaries, examples of which may be found neither in Hillah nor in the whole history of Islam.
The family of Allameh Helli produced several great Ulama whose illuminating influence was felt abroad, each of whom was a universe of knowledge. The head of the family was an outstanding figure as Sadiduddin Yusof Helli. The younger son of Sadiduddin was Allameh Helli, who has been a shining sun in the sky of Islamic sciences, especially Fiqh and Kalaam. What is more, his personality was characterized by “Taqwa” (piety) and “Zohd” (devoutness).
The elder son was Sheikh Raziuddin Ali, an individual who had attained peaks of glory in his spiritual journey. Indeed, he had spiritually elevated himself towards the Almighty Allah.
Furthermore, illuminating figures can be found among Allameh Helli’s offspring, such as Fakhrul-Muhaqqeqin, who did not lag behind his predecessors with regard to his spiritual nature and his role as a mentor of people.Teachers
The most distinguished dignitaries among his teachers are:
1) Mohaqqiqe Helli (May Allah blesses his soul),
2) Sheikh Sadiduddin Helli (his distinguished father), and
3) Bahauddin Ali ibn Isa Arbeli, the author of the book entitled “Kashf al-Ghummah”.

During his 70-year lifetime in the arena of Islamic sciences, Raziuddin Ali has trained lots of pupils; some of them are listed below:
(1) Fakhrul Muhaqqeqin (the son of Allameh Helli)
(2) Sheikh Qavaamuddin Muhammad Faqeeh (his own son)
(3) Sheikh ‘Ameeduddin Abil-Fawaaris
(4) Ali ibne Hussein Nersi Astar-abadi

He lived for more than 70 years. His demise was by no means an end to the chain of brilliant luminaries of Fiqh and Islamic science in his family.
We do not know the exact date of his death, neither is any hint to that in the biographical books. But we know for certain that he has been alive until the early 8th century Hegira. The evidence for this is a letter of authorization by Sheikh Raziuddin to his pupil, Ali ibne Hussein Astarabadi. The date of the letter reads “703 A.H.”. Accordingly, Sheikh must have passed away in the 8th century A.H., at an age above seventy.

Although the high scientific status of Sheikh Raziuddin is proved to all, regretfully there is just one book available from him, while we have tens of books on hand written by his distinguished brother, Allameh Helli.
The only book of Sheikh Raziuddin, which has reached us, is the noble book entitled “Al-Adad-ul-Qaviyyah fi Daf’el-Makhaawif al-Yawmiyyah”. This book had been compiled in two volumes consisting of 30 chapters, each chapter corresponding to a specific day of the whole 30 days of a month; however, the first volume has been lost in the course of history and even the Late Allameh Majlesi has not succeeded to trace it; therefore, today we have access to the second volume only, which consists of the second 15 chapters.

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