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Muḥammad Jawād Bāhonar

Place of birth: Kerman -Iran
Place of Demise: Tehran – Iran

His political activities

Though very young, Bahonar could not tolerate the situation in which Islam had been put in danger hence; he fought with Tyrant of time in different ways. He had been arrested for several times by Shah’s regime, due to his politico- religious activities, but he kept right on adhering to his ideas. After he was freed in 1357 (1977), he officially started his activities through formation of the Islamic Republic party among his colleagues at this time one could refer to Beheshti who is famous enough in the history of Islamic revolution. Bahonar after martyrdom of Dr. Beheshti was appointed as the Secretary- General of the party and until the time of his Prime Ministership he held the position. Hence; one could see that Bahonar until the moment of his martyrdom was at the service of the Iranian nation.



Mohammad Javad Bahonar was born in 1312 (1933) in Kerman.


At the age of 5, he entered the tradition school of maktab to learn Qur’an and when he was 11, he entered “Ma’soumiyeh” school of Kerman where he started the theological education. Along with this, Bahonar also under took the normal high school education.


Emigration to Qum

In 1332 (1953) when he was 20 years old, he left for the Holy city of Qom in order to complete his theological education. In Seminary, he enjoyed the guidance of the outstanding figures such as Ayatollah Soltani, Mojahedi and Sheikh Mohammad Javad Esfahani. Among his other professors one could refer to Ayatollah Borujerdi (the professor of jurisprudence), Imam Khomaini the Great founder of the Islamic Republic of Iran (the professor of theological principles) and Late Alameh Tabatabaee (the professor of Quranic Commentary) as well.

He was also successful in his Academic studies for, he completed his studies to the extent that he received his B.A of Theology and later, M.A of pedagogical sciences and finally PhD of theology at Tehran University.

His cultural activities
Dr Mohammad Javad Bahonar in spite of the objections of SAVAK (then security and intelligent service) was employed in the Ministry of Education. He was not only involved with teaching, but also was cooperating so closely with the office of propaganda and planning of the education ministry to the extent that the syllabus of religious classes of the different levels was prepared and managed under him. Along with fore- mentioned activities, he began to write the religious text books for different levels of education which resulted in 40 books and pamphlets. Nothing could make him give up his aims  for; even when  he was forbidden to give lectures and  doing some modifications on the text books, thanks to  God’s blessings and efforts of some of his colleagues, he was dealing with install and run of the office of the spreading the Islamic culture, schools of “Refah” and “Mofid” and the like.
His martyrdom
In 1360 (1981), after Banisadar was ousted from presidency and at the time when Rajai was elected as the new president, Bahonar was elected as the prime minister.

Unfortunately, the cabinet could not last for a long time for; on30 Aug 1981 the Hypocrites exploded the presidency office and as a result the president and the prime minister became martyr.

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