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7th International Halal Industry Exhibition “Moscow Halal Expo 2016”

On June 2-5, 2016 Moscow, Russia with the support of Russian Mufti Council will host the 7th Moscow International halal exhibition-Moscow Halal Expo 2016.

On June 2-5, 2016, Moscow Sokolniki Exhibition and Convention Centre will host the 7th Moscow International halal exhibition — Moscow Halal Expo 2016, bringing together the companies whose products and services conform to halal quality standards. The exhibitors will present halal products and services; the concepts of multibrand stands, sectors and shops; IT projects and state-of-the-art developments; investment and start-up projects.

The objective of the exhibition is to promote the brands of local producers of halal goods and services, to attract funds to domestic halal sector, to increase the share of high-quality and environmentally friendly products in the Russian economy, and to implement the import and export phase-out programme.

The Moscow Halal Expo sectors cover almost all spheres of economy. In particular, the exhibition brings together companies operating in the food sector and healthcare, fashion and beauty, tourism and hospitality, wholesale and retail trade, information technologies, finance and investment, consumer goods. Industrial forums and expert roundtables, culinary shows, the “Halal product of the Year” tasting contest and award ceremonies for the best companies in complying with halal standards also take place within the scope of the exhibition. The exhibition embraces in B2B and B2C formats.

The halal industry is rapidly developing throughout the world. According to the Thompson Reuters Islamic Economy Global Report 2015/2016, the halal food share amounts to 17% of the world food market, with Malaysia, Pakistan and the UAE being leaders in this sector. Despite the economic sanctions and their consequences, the halal business is stable in Russia. The production volume keeps growing; the share of halal products’ sales in Russian food retail chains and wholesale warehouses is increasing. It should be noted that the market growth happens to a great extent due to non-Muslim consumers, who choose these products for their high quality.

The products of local halal producers are also in demand by foreign partners and investors. The agricultural and halal products’ trade sectors are of priority importance for foreign investors, according to the statements of the GCC investors. Since 2015 the export volume of Russian halal products to other countries, mostly to the Middle East, has been growing. The legislative base for concluding deals complying with Islamic financial standards, which is now being developed in Russia, is supposed to facilitate such investment cooperation.

Along with the food market and Islamic financial sector, Russia is witnessing the global market growth in the modest fashion clothes segment, as well as in halal tourism and hospitality. Both sectors represent 11% of the global market.

In 2015 the Federal Agency for Tourism of the Russian Federation announced the «halal-friendly» programme. The Russia started to be promoted as a platform for halal tourism and hospitality. By 2016, about 10 hotels underwent a number of procedures to establish their compliance with halal standards in the hospitality sector. On-going and potential programmes related to halal tourism in Russia will be presented at Moscow Halal Expo at the corresponding sector.

Moscow Halal Expo is a leading platform in Russia that unites the leaders of the halal sector and sets the heading for the industry development for the years ahead. The exhibition has brought to the Russian market over 200 brands of Russian and foreign producers, which are now popular with the consumers. The organizing committee of the exhibition includes the experts on halal market and Islamic finance, as well as the managers of biggest projects in the field of halal technologies.

The Exhibition is traditionally supported by the Russian Muftis Council, the Moscow Government, Russian and foreign organizations. The partners of the exhibition are Al Baraka Banking Group and the National Rating Agency.

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