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Western Culture Disgraced in Gaza

The crimes committed during the genocide of Gaza has not only exposed the leaders of the liberal West, according to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, but “have also disgraced Western civilization and culture” itself.

The eyes of the world have opened to the emptiness of various platitudes often repeated by Western liberal regimes due to the sheer barbarity of the genocide of Gaza. This historical moment was uniquely recognized by the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, on 29 November 2023 during a meeting with members of the Basij movement.

The crimes committed during the genocide of Gaza has not only exposed the leaders of the liberal West, according to the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, but “have also disgraced Western civilization and culture” itself. “Western culture and civilization is a civilization that when 5,000 children are martyred with phosphorous bombs, the head of a certain Western country stands up and says that Israel is “defending itself,” Ayatollah Khamenei added.

At times, the West purports itself to be the bastion of liberal values, of which the Gaza genocide has disgraced the hollow, hypocritical platitudes of liberalism. At other times, the West purports itself to be the bastion of Christian values, of which the Gaza genocide proves that the values of the religion of Christianity are nowhere to be found within the socio-political systems of the West. Their two great claims, to be both liberal and Christian (despite those two ideologies being contradictory), were fully disgraced and exposed as hollow and hypocritical slogans by their full-fledged support for the Zionist occupation’s savagery in Gaza.

Liberalism is an ideology that can best be summed up as rejection of God and submission to the ego. If we are to take the lofty slogans of liberalism at face value, then it should in theory be a social philosophy of tolerance and humanism. However, in practice, these slogans fall apart, showing an ideology that only tolerates various flavors of liberalism, and seeks to subjugate any nation that does not share its values.

“[The other front is] the deceptive front that calls itself ‘liberal democracy.’ But actually, it is neither liberal nor democratic! They are lying when they say they’re a liberal democracy. If you are liberal, why did you colonize others — [in the form of] traditional colonialism, modern colonialism, neocolonialism? What kind of liberals are you? What kind of freedom-seekers are you?” the Ayatollah Khamenei said in regards to the false promises of liberalism.

The ongoing genocide of Gaza further disgraces liberalism’s slogans and exposes its hypocrisy. In their eyes, the people of Palestine are “terrorists” for engaging in their moral, legal, natural, and divine right to armed self-defense and resistance to a military occupation, while “israelis” are considered “innocent civilians,” despite the fact that all men and women above age 18 are either active-duty army or army reservists, making them an active part of a violent military occupation.

Humanitarian concerns and sympathies are not afforded to the Palestinians who are oppressed, but rather to the military occupiers who do the oppressing. Over 7,000 children in Gaza have been killed so far. The spillover of the dehumanization of Palestinians has reached the West, where a six-year-old Palestinian child was stabbed to death by his own landlord in Chicago, USA. This dehumanization has been endorsed by the Western liberal regimes, which leads to further bloodshed.

The liberal claims of “freedom of expression” have also been exposed to the world. “israel” has intentionally killed approximately 63 journalists in both Gaza and Southern Lebanon. Social media giants like Meta and Twitter/X have cracked down on social media users, suspending accounts in order to control the narrative and stop the truth from spreading, instead of allowing these platforms to serve as public forums undisturbed by the biases of the platforms’ moderators.

This is in spite of the fact that Twitter/X owner Elon Musk promising to make his platform unlike the notoriously pro-censorship Meta platforms. However, when it comes to Zionist crimes, Musk’s free speech absolutism is exposed for its hypocrisy.

Despite Musk’s controversies with the Zionist lobby, in order to curry favor Musk repeats the myths that the Palestinian Islamic Resistance is motivated by hatred of Jews as a people, rather than fighting back against a ruthless military occupier. Islam is a religion which wholly rejects ideas of biological determinism and racism, therefore Palestinians only care about the actions of Jewish supremacist occupiers, not the happenstance of their birth. On the contrary, Musk has not said anything about the racially-motivated, genocidal claims of various Zionist officials — from Gallant’s “human animals” to Netanyahu’s references to Amalek — nor has he censored any famous pro-Zionist accounts from calling for genocide of Palestinians as a people.

It is worth noting that Musk’s buyout of Twitter was organized by Ari Emanuel, the son of an Irgun terrorist, proving in practice that in liberal societies “free speech” comes secondary to moneyed interests.

This has spilled over into real life, where if people don’t get canceled on social media, the viewpoints of Westerners on social media are dug up and sent to their employers or their university, and they are kicked out from their position in work or school with no way to regain what they have lost.

The US, which purports itself to be more pro-free speech than Canada or Europe, voted on a law to criminalize criticism of the Zionist regime, falsely equating it with “antisemitism.” The only person to vote no was a Christian congressman of European descent, Thomas Massie. Other members of Congress, including the Muslim American representative Ilhan Omar, voted yes.

The US is on track to having similar laws to Europe, in which one can face fines or jail time for simply engaging in academic review of the evidence surrounding the holocaust of World War 2.

If the slogans of liberalism were truly worth their salt, they would not seek to criminalize people for having the “wrong” viewpoints, while they hypocritically chastise other nations, such as Iran, for penalizing foreign-backed subversives who seek to make a repeat of the internal turmoil that happened to Libya and Syria as a result of NATO-backed insurgents.

On the contrary, criticism of Zionism does not threaten the stability of Western nations or seek to throw it into internal turmoil, and may even be to the benefit of the peoples of the West, as their tax dollars are siphoned to support an occupation regime while their own infrastructure falls apart, and the clandestine intelligence operations of the Zionist regime have contributed to the creation of terrorist proxies like ISIS, and much evidence points to the involvement of Mossad in the attacks of 11 September 2001 and the assassination of US President John F. Kennedy.

In reality, liberalism only allows the freedom to pursue falsehood and corruption. The Western liberal regimes penalize those who follow the truth, from the least harsh punishment such as negative social stigma or firing from a job to the harshest such as large fines, jail time, or even assassinations, the latter of which was the price that was paid by Martyr Malcolm X, the leader of the Afro-American struggle in the US, or Martyr Edoardo Agnelli, the sole heir to the Italian Agnelli fortune who was murdered by elements of his own family after he converted to Shia Islam.

The genocide and atrocities in Gaza also further demonstrate the false claim that Western liberal societies adhere to Christianity. In reality, the noble Christian faith and its moral values have been absent from Western social philosophy for centuries.

Liberal values of unlimited personal freedom, separation of church and state, and more are contrary to the noble values that Christianity teaches to mankind. Unlimited personal freedom has enabled the wealthy plutocrats of the world to commit ungodly crimes in order to steal the resources of peoples of the world.

The noble values of Christianity reject the mass murder and pillaging of any peoples for the sake of worldly gain. Like Islam, Christianity also rejects biological determinism and views all human beings as creations of God worthy of dignity, rights, and respect. The genocide of Gaza is further proof that the West is run by godless liberal values, and not Christian values.

American support for Zionism based on Christian values is also being exposed for its hypocrisy and paradoxical nature, as Palestinian Christians continuously face harassment and threats from Zionist occupiers. Recently, “israeli” National Security Minister Itamar Ben Gvir stated that it is not a crime for Zionist occupiers to spit on Christians, and had previously referred to such an act as an “ancient Jewish custom.” The Zionist media in the West also keeps Western Christians in the dark about certain rabbinical texts which lewdly slander and blaspheme Jesus and the Virgin Mary (pbut), which are likely to motivate fanatical Zionist occupiers to harass and abuse Christians.

There is no clear basis for American Christians to support the Zionist regime, as their own government operates on secular liberal values, and the Zionist regime views Jesus Christ in a negative light and abuses Christian Palestinians due to such beliefs. In the ongoing genocide against Gaza, an ancient Church was destroyed by the Zionist’s criminal bombing.

In spite of this, many Westerners have realized the bankruptcy of liberalism and are beginning to turn towards a more authentic form of Christianity that rejects Zionism, which has put many of them under the microscope of FBI surveillance.

Large protest rallies across the West in support of Palestine have taken Western elites by surprise, while rallies in support of the Zionist’s genocide are very small and often have to rely on paying people to attend. Pro-Palestine rallies as well as online sentiment have spanned across the left-right spectrum, despite the left-right divide being a false dichotomy to begin with.

Western leaders have become fearful that their own populations have been disgusted by this bloody “mask-off” moment for the Zionist regime and their Western liberal enablers, mainly the US and UK.

In utter hypocrisy, French President Macron even condemned the extent of the barbarity in Gaza, only after hypocritically visiting occupied Palestine and giving his full support to the Zionist officials to carry out this bloodshed. In reality, they are not concerned with the bloodshed but concerned that a wider war would lead to the demise of the Zionist entity, which would contribute to the demise of their hegemony in the region and in the world.

As the world has been shocked by the full exposure of the hypocrisy of Western culture in this bloody genocide in Gaza, Western leaders may seek damage control by pursuing a more deceptive option to subdue to the Palestinian nation. The first Oslo accords created the collaborationist Palestinian Authority (PA), which serves as an organ of the Zionist occupation.

It seems as if the direction of the genocide is perhaps to weaken the people of Gaza and the resistance of Gaza enough to bring an end to the rule of Palestinian resistance factions such as Hamas and Islamic Jihad to an end, and replace them with a PA-like authority which exists as an agent of the occupation. This way, they can eliminate Palestinian armed resistance in Gaza without risking a wider escalation with other resistance groups in the region. Additionally, they will gain public relations points by pretending to be the peacemaker, when in reality, through deceptive Oslo-like negotiations, they try to create a subservient Palestinian “state” that exists as an extension of the occupation is but another form of warfare, albeit soft war.

Those rightfully disgusted by the images of dead children in Gaza may even be tricked into supporting the soft war tactic of pseudo-negotiations just so the bloodshed can end, not realizing that such a direction would seek the humiliation and erasure of Palestinians as a people, by making sure any independent political governance, such as Hamas, does not have any say in Palestinian statehood. But, just as the true face of Western culture has been exposed by this genocide, it will also be exposed again for its untrustworthy diplomacy that acts in bad faith and double-deals with the world.

Regardless of which route the Zionists and their Western liberal enablers choose, either continued genocide or soft war via so-called negotiations, the resistance will undoubtedly humiliate and thwart these plans of subduing and erasing the Palestinian people from the map. The Zionist entity is temporary and soon the Palestinian people will hold a referendum for their own future. Much of the world’s evils will be eliminated or reduced as a result of the end of Zionist occupation of Palestine.

As an unintended consequence of the humiliation of Western liberal culture that this genocide has brought about, which even Western people are disgusted by, many people around the world, especially in the West, have begun flooding social media with stories of how they have started to read the Holy Quran as a result of the steadfastness of Palestinians that is derived from their faith. Some have accepted Islam as a result of this.

Westerners have realized that the liberal values that have dominated their society since the “enlightenment” age leave the human heart empty, life meaningless, and their political landscape rife with corruption and bloodshed. It is only natural for people who see the empty reality of a godless worldview to turn towards the divine, whether their own previously-held Christian values, or realizing that Islam is the divine truth that all of God’s prophets – from Adam to Noah to Abraham to Moses to Jesus to Muhammad, peace be upon them all – came to disseminate to humanity.

Accordingly, the humiliation of Western culture through these barbaric actions in Gaza and elsewhere will speed up the process of humanity seeking divine values to replace materialistic values.

The article was written by Ali Salaam, journalist and researcher in the field of American Studies, and first published in Khamenei.ir.

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