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I Vow to be alongside Zaynab (S): Christian Thinker

The message of Hussein’s movement went beyond the Muslim world and followers of other religions also believe in the freedom seeking of Hussein ibn Ali (PBUH) and looked at the beauty of Ashura in their own eyes, said Dr. Anthoan Barra a Christian author, journalist and thinker.

The bellow is the interviewing of Ijtihad Network with the Syrian author, journalist and thinker:

Dr. Anthoan, is one of the enthusiastic of Master of Martyrs (Seyyed al-Shohada) (PBUH). So far, he has compiled two books on the movement of Imam Hussein (PBUH), entitled ” (Hussein in the Thought of Christianity)” and ” (Zainab is a cry for the continuation of the movement).

The famous phrase of Bara “I am Hussaini …Shi’a…Christian and Arab, knowing who Hussain really was only needs justice” is very famous in the Arab media in a way that some of Arab media companions considere him to be a Shi’a and performing TAQIYA! At the age of 70, he walked from Najaf to Karbala in 2013, and in response to the question of his motivation to attend the march, he said: “I vowed to cross this pass along with Zaynab and recognize Hussein as deserving as he deserves.” .

Anthoan Barra in Arbaeen march from Najaf to Karbala

In the preface to “Al-Hussein in the thought of a Christian” book, Antwan Barra writes: … The first thing come to mind a Christian or non-Christian reader when reading this book is how can a relationship between Imam Hussein’s movement and the thoughts of the people of the book be linked to? Because it did not have a history; that is, it was not observed that a Christian researcher would study one of the great characters of Islam, let alone writing a book on this subject! And the answer of this misconception is that an Arab Christian idea is benefiting from the Arab-Muslim culture, and is exposed to the mental and spiritual currents that Muslims face and the character of Hussein (PBUH) is a vast area of literary motives and prophetic and revolutionary ethics, and the most important sign of the signs of the greatness of this character is the words of the holy Prophet Muhammad: “Hussein is a part of me and I am a part of Hussain” and in confirming this statement, Allameh Bahrul-ulum said:

The Prophet of Allah, irrigated a seed with his own hands, and it grew pure branches as its roots were pure.


Hussain the Manifestation of Christ

Ijtihad: How does a Christian writer see Hussain bin Ali?

Bara: I know Hussain as the manifestation of Christ, and, as Messiah was a distributer of compassion and kindness, Hussain ibn Ali is a messenger of freedom and liberation for the world, in his time and for all generations after all, and all the worlds and followers of other religions. Yes Hussain does not belong solely to the Shiites, but he is the imam of freedom and justice all over the world

Ijtihad: What do you think about Imam Hussain ibn Ali?

Bara: In my culture, Imam is the spiritual leader of human beings; that is, I understand the concept of strategic guidance and leader from Imam. He is the leader.

Imam Hussain ibn Ali is the third Imam of the Shiites, but in my thoughts he is the first imam of the free people and believers (if this interpretation is accepted by the Shiites); and all believers are proud of themselves to follow Him, so you have heard that the great leaders of human movements that made profound developments in the world, they consider themselves a follower of Hussain ibn Ali, and this is the concept of Imam.

Ijtihad: Is it true that you came from Messiah to Hussain ibn Ali?

Bara: I am approaching Christ from Hussain (PBUH) and from Hussain (PBUH) to christ. Let me say: Hussain, is the manifestation of Christ with the same thought and values, but also the thought of Hussain ibn Ali, is much more than that, so I became his follower, and I wrote in Al-Hussain in the thought of a Christian’s book that Shiites do not suppose that Hussain belongs to them, but Hussain ibn Ali is the leader for all justice seekers, and he is the Sayyid al-Shohada for all who have lost their life in the cause of justice.

Ijtihad: and Zaynab?

Bara: I have a confession and a claim. I confess that I did not recognize Hussain ibn Ali well, but I claim that I have understood Zaynab well. In the book, Zaynab is a cry for the continuation of the movement, I have carefully referred to the complementary role of the Lady of the Sayyid-ul-Shohada Movement, and I have rejected the words of some of the writers about Hazrat Zeinab. Some people believe that Zaynab has completed the unfinished work of Sayyid al-Shohada, this sentence is false, but Zaynab continued the movement that Sayyid al-Shohada had begun, and until this time, we continued this movement until the world remained. The followers of Imam Under the banner of

Antwan Bara: I consider Hussain (AS) a martyr for all divine religions

Dr. Antwan Barra in the second part of the exclusive dialogue with “ijtihad”, refers to some Western writings on the epic of Karbala, and for the first time provides readers with parts of the Ashura story from Western writers. , In addition, with a view to interpreting parts of the Bible, believes that in the heavenly books the epic of Karbala is clearly anticipated and the great divine prophets considered Hussain ibn Ali (PBUH) the reviver of the religion of his ancestor, Muhammad ibn. Abdullah (peace be upon him).

“Bara” considers Hussain ibn Ali (PBUH) as a hero and role model for all the free people and in answer to the question that: Do you know “Sayyid al-Shohada” as a follower of other religions? He says: “The Holy Spirit of the Sayyid al-Shohada is a given to the believers of all religions, and I have not exaggerated, if I say that some western writers (who are Christians and …) have narrated Hussain bin Ali better than Muslims, but because the narrations of these writers have less emotional load, They  are less well-received by Muslim historians and have become obscure, so I think it is necessary to start a kind of “Ashura  reengineering” by Shiites, and on this basis I have written the book “Al-Hussain in the thought of a Christian”

Ijtihad: You believe that the term “Mo’ayid“, which has been mentioned in the Gospel many times and Christ have announced his arrival, is Muhammad ibn. Abdullah or Hussain ibn Ali, in this regard, expresses your opinion.

Bara: That the MOAYID talked about by Messiah, is necessarily Hussain ibn Ali, should be further investigated, but there is no doubt that the Prophet of Islam has said: “Hussain is a part of me and I am a part of Hussain” so if “MOAYID” is the Prophet We know that Hussain ibn Ali is undoubtedly also important in the meaning of Mo’ayid, and there is another verse in which Christ’s referring to Mo’ayid implies Hussain ibn Ali, because he confirms that he is martyred and with him Some of his followers would be martyred too. Don’t you really see it a direct references to Hussain ibn Ali (PBUH)

Ijtihad: Is Karbala known in Christian learning?

Bara: There should also be more research on this. The word Karbala refers to the invasion and courage in the Book of Jacob, and it is foretold that, along the Euphrates River in Babylon, your Lord said: prepare your armor and shield and go to the campaign. O riders! Get ready for your horses and ride on them, hat your hats, raise your spear and armor … until he says: Today, the sword is being suckled from their blood, for the sword is the powerful commander on the north of the Euphrates. (Jeremiah’s predictions 46/3)


Ijtihad: In the end, answer this abstract question why the Christian writer thinks of Hussain ibn Ali and uses the Shi’ites of Sayyed al-Shohada and writes in his manuscripts “with the bless of Sayedana  Al-Hussain (AS)” and writes to the Ahl al-Bayt of Imam Hussain (PBUH) He talks about Imam Hussain’s sister (AS) greatly and how is this devotion appearing in your soul?

Bara: In the book “Al-Hussain in the thought of a Christian” I have answered this question in detail and have written that I consider Hussain as a martyr for Islam, Christianity and Jews, and all divine religions and other human beliefs.

Jesus the son of Mary (peace be upon him) was not sent to the people except for sacrifice and martyrdom, to be the glorifying God’s true message of truth and life, and there are great similarities between the two sacred and martyrdom movements of Jesus and Hussain (peace be upon them), although it must be admitted that apparent differences might be seen in their cause and quality,but not in the essence and purpose of each other.

In my opinion, the most important resemblance between Jesus and Hussain (AS) is in the birth and way of life of them, as it is said: (no six-month-old born to survive Except Hossain and Isa Bin Maryam (AS).

Peace and blessing be upon Hussain

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  1. I’ve been searching “Hussain in christian ideology” by Antoine Bara for two hours but there is’nt any pdf of it on internet. i wish you could put it on your site along side this nice interview

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      The original language of the book is Arabic, unfortunately, it is not translated into English.

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