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US, Zionist Regime Are Enemies of Muslims in Today’s World

Ayatollah Khamenei made the remarks in a meeting with the country’s officials in charge of conducting and organizing Hajj pilgrimage.

The gathering took place in the Imam Khomeini Hussainiyah on Monday, prior to the commencement of the 2024 Hajj pilgrimage journey for pilgrims.

As Muslims embark on the sacred journey of Hajj, Ayatollah Khamenei’s directive underscores the moral imperative for believers to confront injustice and oppression, particularly in light of the ongoing crisis in Gaza. The indiscriminate bombardment of civilian areas and the displacement of countless families have drawn condemnation from across the globe, amplifying calls for solidarity and action.

Amidst mounting criticism of the United States’ steadfast backing of Israel, the Leader’s call challenges the ethical stance of Muslims worldwide, urging them to actively disavow complicity in the perpetuation of violence and oppression. With Washington’s unwavering support enabling the Israeli actions, the Hajj pilgrimage emerges as a pivotal moment for believers to reaffirm their commitment to justice and human dignity.

At the beginning of the meeting, the Leader described Hajj as a multi-dimensional obligation in terms of material and spiritual aspects. “In the inner dimension, the remembrance of God as ‘the true source of life, shaping an individual’s, society’s and a nation’s determination, willpower, and decisions,’ is the prominent point of all stages and positions of Hajj,” he stated.

Ayatollah Khamenei highlighted the importance of the social aspect of Hajj, which includes unity and fostering connections among Muslims. He emphasized that the underlying philosophy of the divine invitation for all individuals to gather at a specific place and time during Hajj is to allow Muslims to become familiar with one another, work together, and make collective decisions. By doing so, he stated, the beneficial and tangible outcomes of Hajj can be shared by the Islamic world and all of humanity, while noting that the Islamic world currently lacks effective joint decision-making and collaboration.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that disregarding national, religious, and ethnic differences is essential for unity. “The vast, uniform gathering of followers of all Islamic denominations from all nationalities during Hajj is a clear manifestation of the socio-political aspect of the pilgrimage,” he added.

While pointing out that Hajj should be filled with the blessed name of Prophet Abraham (pbuh) and his teachings, Ayatollah Khamenei asserted that renunciation of the enemies of God’s religion is a valuable lesson drawn from his teachings.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution considered the current events in Gaza to be a major sign in history. “The savage attacks of the rabid Zionist dogs on one side, and the resistance and oppression of the Gazans on the other side, will remain in history and guide mankind. The amazing and unprecedented effect that it has had in non-Islamic societies and universities of the U.S. and other countries, are proof of its history-making and significant nature.”

Ayatollah Khamenei elucidated the duty that the Islamic Ummah has regarding the atrocities taking place in Gaza, during the Abrahamic Hajj. He highlighted that, “Abraham (pbuh) was a compassionate prophet with a very kind heart, but at the same time, this prophet of God also strongly expressed his renunciation and clearly declared his enmity against the oppressors and hostile enemies.”

Referring to verses of the Quran, Ayatollah Khamenei described the Zionist regime as the absolute epitome of enmity towards Muslims, adding that the U.S. is an accomplice of this regime. “If it were not for the U.S.’s support, would the Zionist regime have the power and audacity to treat Muslims, men, women, and children so brutally like this?”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution added, “Those who kill Muslims and force them into displacement, as well as their supporters, are both oppressors, and according to the explicit Quranic verse, if anyone befriends them, they too are oppressors and cursed by God.”

Considering the current situation of the Islamic world, he regarded the Abrahamic approach to Hajj, which means clear renunciation of enemies, more important than ever. “Based on this, Iranian and non-Iranian pilgrims should be able to convey the Quranic reasoning in supporting the Palestinians to the entire Islamic world,” he stated.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized, “Of course, the Islamic Republic has not and will not wait for others [to take action], but if the strong Muslim nations and governments unite and accompany [this endeavor], the deplorable condition that the Palestinians are in will no longer continue.”

Source: khamenei.ir

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