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The 2nd Annual Symposium on Islamic Economy and Halal Industry

The second Annual Symposium on Islamic Economy and Halal Industry is designed to accommodate knowledge transfer through sharing and discussion regarding halal industry, delivered by International speakers both academia and practitioner.

The high demand and concern of halal industry is also supported by the increasing of Muslim population around the world. Based on Pew Research Centers’ projection in 2011, the number of Muslim population will multiply from 1.6 billion in 2010 to 2.2 billion in 2030. By considering this number, it can be seen that naturally the industry will make aggressive respond and adjust to this large Muslim market. On the other hand, in order to enter the halal industry, all halal business sectors such as food and beverages, medicine, health, cosmetics, tourism and hospitality, finance, and education are obligated to secure the whole production process guided by shariah (Islamic law). Hence, halal certification bodies are formed in Islamic countries and several non-Islamic countries as a respond to the rise of foreign players in the halal industry to supervise the producers and assure the halal for Muslim consumers.

According to the halal industry potential explained above, we invite all professors, researchers, students, practitioners, and other halal industry enthusiasts to participate in The 2nd Annual Symposium on Islamic Economy and Halal Industry: Halal Living and Consumer Lifestyle in The Southeast Asia to present, share, and discuss the halal industry phenomenon depicted by academic research result as a strategic way to enlarge and enhance the development of halal industry together.

Symposium Theme
“Halal Living and Consumer Lifestyle in the Southeast Asia”

The scope of the symposium includes, but is not limited to:
• Halal Food
• Halal Ingredients
• Halal Slaughtering
• Halal Animal Feed
• Halal Packaging
• Halal Logistics
• Halal Pharmaceuticals
• Halal Supply Chain
• Halal Cosmetics
• Halal Retailing
• Halal Warehousing
• Halal Tourism and Hospitality
• Halal Standards and Policies
• Halal Educations
• Halal Auditing
• Halal Governance
• Halal Transportation
• Halal Financing
• Halal Businesses
• Shariah Compliance

Important Dates
Conference: Oct 12 2018

Venue: Sekolah Pascasarjana UGM, Jalan Teknika Utara, Mlati, Jogja 55281, Indonesia

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