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Tatarstan to Become Russia’s Center of Medical Halal Tourism

Tatarstan is going to become the Russian center of medical halal tourism and counts on both domestic and foreign tourists.

Waqf of the Republic of Tatarstan is working hard in this area. The Ministry of Health of Tatarstan helps them in it.

So, according to the head of the fund Rustam Khabibullin, a medical business center is the priority. In fact, it will be an ordinary clinic that offers its services according to the Islamic law. Departments were chosen beforehand: neurology, ambulance, therapeutics, pediatrics, cosmetology, vaccination center and laboratory.

Men and women will be attended separately: men will examine and consult men, women will attend women. There will be halal food in the canteen. Organizers will provide relatives of the patients with rooms. It will occupy four floors of a 5,000-square-meter building.

Rooms of specialists will be situated on the first floor, the other two floors will be designed for diagnostic rooms.

The Association of Muslim Doctors of Tatarstan will be responsible for the attraction of specialists.

‘We will have strict requirements for the personnel. We count on certain morality from the doctors. Their work will be well paid,’ the head of Waqf of Tatarstan said.

The clinic will be equipped with the most modern devices and equipment. The payback of the project is a 5-year period.

Also a rehabilitation center for kids, which will be international, is another medical and more ambitious project of the fund. It will be located in Laishevo District 60 km from the capital of the republic. The territory of the center is 5 ha. According to the plan, the establishment will be able to attend not only kids but also their parents who also need some recovery if they care about their disabled child 24/7.

It is planned to attract $15m of investments for the construction. The erection will begin in 2017 and finish in 2018. The payback period is 7 years.

Waqf of Tatarstan doesn’t stop here and starts the construction of a Muslim health resort in Verkhny Uslon District. It will be divided into masculine and feminine parts. The health resort will appear in a recreation park with a capacity of 7,5 ha. Its working name is Halal Resort Park. It will be international too, it goes without saying.

It will be situated on the right bank of the Volga River.

As for the medical specialization of the health resort, Khabibullin found it difficult to answer and just noted it will be a resort for the whole family. Apart from very therapeutic sectors, the complex will include recreation zones, a restaurant and café and a rest area. Clients will be able to fish, hunt and ride a horse.

All this will cost $4m. They plan to return the money in 7 years. The health resort, rehabilitation center and clinic will be commercial.

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