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Shīʻī Theology: A Translation of Kashf al-Murad fī Sharḥ Tajrīd al-I‘tiqād

Shi‘i Theology is a translation of the seminal Arabic work Kashf al-Murad fi Sharh Tajrid al-I‘tiqad, a cornerstone of Twelver Shi‘i theology that has long served as a foundational textbook in seminaries. It is the most distinguished commentary on Tajrid al-I‘tiqad by Nasir al-Din al-Tusi’s (d. 1274) whose life and …

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The Words of the Imams: Al-Shaykh Al-Saduq and the Development of Twelver Shi’i Hadith Literature

Though almost all of al-Saduq's writings are collections of hadith, Warner's approach pays careful attention to how these texts are selected and presented to explore what they can reveal about their compiler, offering insight into al-Saduq's ideas and suggesting new possibilities for the wider study of....

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