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Sayyid ʻArif Ḥosayn Ḥosaynī

Ayatollah Sayyed Aref Hussain Hussaini

Place of birth: Parachenar – Pakistan Place of Demise: Pishawar – Pakistan   Born and Upbringing Shaheed Quaid Allama Arif ul Hussain Al Hussaini opened his eyes on 25th November 1946 at the time of Adhaan-e-Fajr. His pious mother brought him up until at the age of five he was sent to …

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Sayyid Ḥosayn BādKūbeʼī

Biography Of Muslim Scholars

ace of birth: Badkoobe – Iran Place of Demise: Najaf – Iraq Born He was born in 1293 A.H in the village of Dalan in the city of Badkubah. Education He was tutored at the hands of his father and completed the preparatory study and that of literature in his presence. Emigration …

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Sayyid ʻAbdollah Mūsawī Shīrāzī

Ayatollah Sayyed Abdullah Shirazi

Place of birth: Shiraz – Iran Place of Demise: Mashhad – Iran Born and Upbringing Ayatollah Sayyed Abdullah Shirazi was born on Feb 25, 1892 in Shiraz, Iran, he was sent into exile at the age of 15 with his father, Ayatollah Sayyed Muhammad Tahir al-Shirazi, for resisting the Qajar and British …

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Sayyid ʻAbd al-Aʻlā Mūsawī Sabzewārī

Sayyed Abdulala Musavi Sabzevari

Place of birth: Sabzevar – Iran Place of Demise: Najaf – Iraq Born Grand Ayatollah Seyyed Abdul-A’la Musavi Sabzevari was born in the northeastern Iranian city of Sabzevar, Khorasan. Education He learned Islamic sciences in his hometown until the age of 14 before moving to holy Mashhad the provincial capital to continue …

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Sayyid Ḍīāʼ al-Dīn ʻArāqī

Biography Of Muslim Scholars

Place of birth: Arak – Iran Place rolls: Najaf – Iraq Born Ayatollah Aqa ziya ad-Deen al-Iraqi was born in the city of Sultan-Abad ( Arak) in the year 1278 A.H. Education He completed his preparatory study in his home town then migrated to the city of al-Najaf al-Ashraf in order to …

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Sayyid Moḥsin Ḥakīm

Ayatollah Sayyed Mohsen Hakim

Place of birth: Najaf, Iraq Place of Demise: Najaf, Iraq Born He was born Sayyid Mohsin ibn Sayyid Mahdi Tabatabai al-Hakim to a scholarly family in the holy city of Najaf in 1306 AH. Religious Education He received his religious education in Najaf, studying under such great giants of the seminary as …

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