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Sayyid ʻAbbās Ḥosaynī Qāʼim Maqāmī

Place of birth: Tehran -Iran
Born and Upbringing
Seyed Abbas Gham –Maghami Was born in Tehran , in a family reputed to the matchless noble Scholar and Politician of Iran , Mirza Sayyed Abul-Ghasem Ghaem- Magham Farahni. He , Whose father is the great grandchild of Ghaem- Magham , is related to the great martyr With four intermediate descendants and Ghaem-magham descends from his holiness , Imam ZeinulAbidin ( P.B.H.) through thirty four intermediate descendents.
Ghaem-maghami , from the early years of his formal education Simultaneously started learning theology in Tehran Theology School (Hawza) and for several years he greatly benefited from the presence of great masters such as Ayatollah Abdul Kareem Haghshenas ,Ayatollah Sayyed Razi Shirazi , Ayatollah Mohammad Reza Rabbani Khorasani and Ayatollah Estahbanati in Figh , Philosophy and mysticism and then Set off for Qom Theology School . In Qom , benefiting from the Knowledge of reputed masters such as Ayatollah MirzaMasb Ayatollah Vahid Khorasani , Ayatollah Javad Tabrizi , Ayatollah Seyed Mohammad Roohani , Ayatollah Seyed Kazim Hayeri , Ayatollah Hassan zadeh Amoli , Ayatollah Sanei , Ayatollah Ansari Shirazi and Ayatollah Seyed Reza Ssadr , he Pursued his studies in Figh , osool ( Principles) , and philosophy at Qom Theology School ,He has also been teaching Islamic Philosophy , Islamic mysticism, Principles of Figh & Islamic laws, Islamic thinking , political thinking and Comparative Kalam at different Universities of Tehran as an assistant Professor .
In 1995 , he was invited by the department of “Near East “ of Berkeley University to teach Mysticism and theology in higher education Courses. In the Works of SeyedAbbasGhaem- Maghami , innovations have been offered to the thinking community , Some of there are : Clarification of the legitimacy of procedural interference of human rationality in the ‍process of deduction of religious precepts, differentiating subjective legitimacy (rightfulness) from objective legitimacy and emphasis on the latter in Politicalruler ship , methodlogical criticism of religious guidance ( Ijtihad) on the world , and so on as so forth .
In the series of the articles he Published in 1989 , by the analysis of the religious “ Mantigatul ghira” , a minimal pattern of religion on the basis of accepted principles in Ijtihad (religious guidance ) and technical principles of figh was proposed for the first time.
Ghaem- Maghami , in spite of not needing Ijtihad Confirmation , took port in the examination of assembly of experts “ in August of 1998 and in November .that year ran independently for federals’ elections with the widespread support of university people and gained about half million votes of Tehrani citizens.
Some of his social and college responsibilities along with his scientific careers constitute and other part of his activities in the past decade are as follow : Supreme leaders representative at Tehran university and Medical Sciences of Tehran University ; member of the board of trustees of the international University of Islamic Religions, member ,of the Cultural Council of Higher Education , dean of “ Philosophy and Kalam “ group of “ evaluation of university textbooks council” , member of “ technical Selection group of board of teachers” at several universities .

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