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Sayyid Ḥosayn BādKūbeʼī

ace of birth: Badkoobe – Iran
Place of Demise: Najaf – Iraq
He was born in 1293 A.H in the village of Dalan in the city of Badkubah.
He was tutored at the hands of his father and completed the preparatory study and that of literature in his presence.
Emigration to Tehran
He migrated to Tehran after the death of his father and resided at the Sadr School in that city. He studied mathematics and philosophy at the hands of the late Sayyid Abu al-Hasan Jalwah and the late Mirza Hashim al-Ashkuri. He also studied logic for seven years of continuous effort in the presence of his professors teaching this science.
His Migration to Najaf
He migrated to al-Najaf al-Ashraf and attended the classes of Grand Ayatullah Akhund al-Khurasani. This coincided with the first days of writing the Kifaya book. He also studied fiqh at the hands of Ayatullah Sheikh Muhammad Hasan al-Mamqani. Soon many virtuous scholars gathered round him to benefit from his views and theories.
Finally, he moved to the mercy of his Lord in the eve of the 28th of the holy month of Shawwal of 1358 A.H. in the bath house of the sacred shrine and was buried in the neighborhood of his holy grandfather, Imam Ali ibn Abu Talib, peace be with him.

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