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  • 30 April

    Book “Dispensing Justice in Islam Qadis and Their Judgments”

    The book “Dispensing Justice in Islam” is designed to serve as a sourcebook of Islamic legal practice and Qāḍī court records from the rise of Islam to modern times. This book is a series of ‘case studies’ in both senses of the term. Its strengths and weaknesses derive from either ...

  • 19 April

    “Jafari Jurisprudence leaves no modern inquiries unanswered” A. Fazel

    Islamic modern inquiries

    Scientific, jurisprudential and religious subjects hold a key status in medical and modern science. There are times when abundant crucial inquiries are presented in different branches of science, it must be noted that Shia Jurisprudence leaves no questions in these areas of science unanswered, therefore, all the present inquiries could ...

  • 10 April

    The Relationship between Morals and Islamic Rights

    If man believes that it is Allah who enacts laws that lead people, which man is obliged to obey and execute, he will definitely witness a very different social life.