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Specialized Course: Methodology of the Qur’an’s Responses to Non-Muslims’ Doubts

Center for studies and responding to religious debates (Islamic Seminaries) in Cooperation with Baqir al-Olum University will present an Specialized Course on Studying and Responding to Religious Doubts, Methodology of The Qur’an’s Responses to Non-Muslims’ Doubts.

The courses is In-Person & Online and will start on 1-2, March, 2023 at Baqir al-Olum University.

Topics & Lecturers

Psychological Principles and Ethical Norms of the Qur’an in Responding to Non-Muslim’ Doubts by Hujj. Dr. Rahnamai.

The Doctrine of Fitra in the Qur’an’s responses to Non-Muslims’ Doubts by Hujj.  Dr. Behrouzi Lak.

The Necessity of Applying Taqiyyah Mudārātī (Preservation by Acknowledgement) in the Qurʾānic Ethos: a response to modern misgivings pertaining to Religious Violence by Hujj.  Shoja’ Ali Mirza.

The Quran’s Use of Non-Muslims’ Beliefs in Response to Their Doubts by Hujj. Dr. Alizade Mousavi.

Social and Temporal Conditions in Response to Non-Muslim’ Doubts in the Qur’an by Dr. Seyed Hadi Sajedi.

Utilizing the Historical Edification in the Qur’an to Answer the Doubts of Non-Muslims by Dr. Hadi Valipour.

Important Data

Location: Baqir al-Olum University
Online at: http://dte.bz/int

Date: 1& 2, March, 2023
Thursday: 15-20 PM
Wednesday: 8-12 AM

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