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Shia Students Conference to Be Held in Massachusetts

The national Shia students conference titled “Ma’rifa 2020: Self-Discovery and Imagination” will be held on February 28-29 in Massachusetts, The United States.

According to marifaconference.com, the Harvard College Student Organization Center at Hilles (SOCH) will host the program.

Shia students today find themselves dealing with a myriad of challenges. Between the struggles of navigating faith in America, creating spaces to cultivate spirituality, balancing several identities, as well as being a minority within the Muslim community, students need a meaningful forum to engage these issues.

Ma’rifa 2020: Self-Discovery and Imagination is the first conference of its kind in North America, a conference organized by Shia students for Shia students, to address the issues of Shia identity, spirituality, activism, and community.

It brings together a unique blend of scholars, academics, community leaders, and activists for a holistic multidisciplinary approach to self-reflection and re-imagination of the Shia paradigm in America, according to the organizers.

Mizan Institute, The Facilitators of Religious, Ethical and Spiritual Inquiry at Harvard, Muslim Congress, Shia Association of North America, US Berkeley Thaqalayn Islamic Society, Taha Collective, Islamic Masumeen Center of New England, and ABSA Network are among the Mar’rifa 2020 supporters.

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