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Sheikh Zakzaky’s Ruling Delayed by another 7 Days

Monday in court, the Nigerian government made every excuse for not providing Sheikh Zakzaky the urgent medical treatment he needs.

They said they can treat him inside Nigeria. Even though they haven’t, he’s almost entirely blind and his health is rapidly deteriorating.

They claimed they are holding him in protective custody. His lawyer said there is evidence he is being poisoned.

They say they fear he won’t return if he gets medically treated abroad. But they know he will die if he is not treated.

They tried to disqualify his own doctor from giving evidence.

Today, the Islamic Movement in Nigeria has published recently-taken photos of its jailed leader Sheikh Ibrahim al-Zakzaky, whose health has been deteriorating in recent months.

According to IMN’s website, on Tuesday, Sheikh Zakzaky was diagnosed with some bullets in his brain aside the 7 complications he has been battling with since December, 2015.

He now uses a wheelchair as he cannot walk anymore. This is aside the high level of cadmium and lead that were discovered in his body recently by a toxicologist as a result of poisoning.

On Monday, the Kaduna State High Court once again adjourned a bail hearing for the Shia cleric until August 5.

His supporters say he should be released on bail to receive medical treatment abroad.

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