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All Is Set for the Commencement of Arbaeen Trek in Nigeria

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria (IMN) has completed all necessary arrangements for the commencement of the annual #ArbaeenTrekNigeria 2017.

This year’s event will kick off in the next few days in the zones as is the usual practice. This is coming on the back heel of a leaked security report suggesting that the murderous Nigerian authorities plan to sabotage the trek once again using various intimidating ways including spates of arbitrary arrests and the perennial use of violence.

For two successive years, the trek was violently attacked along the Kano axis, first by detonating a bomb in 2015 and in 2016, using a joint police and military force to open fire resulting in the deaths of scores of IMN members. It is on record that the Kano state governor, Ganduje was on tape claiming responsibility for the later attack while addressing some Wahabi Sunni clerics months later.

Notwithstanding the evil machinations of the government in stalling the otherwise peaceful religious march, the Islamic Movement has gone ahead with preparations for the solemn trek. In a statement earlier, the Islamic Movement vowed to go ahead with the trek irrespective of what the Buhari administration plans to do to stop it.

Tweets issued later by the #FreeZakzaky handle sounded the same defiant tones, including a video tweet of its incarcerated leader, Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky, talking about the Arbaeen trek, likening the critics and criticisms of the religious event in Nigeria as “dogs howling.” The Sheikh said such paid dogs could keep on howling and keep on being frustrated. He insisted that the #ArbaeenTrekNigeria will continue to be seen.

Consequently, the IMN has said that there is no going back, and has urged adherents to watch out for details of this year’s trek to be issued soon. It also said that people could contact #IMN zonal trek coordinators for logistics.

Be prepared therefore to be part of #ArbaeenTrekNigeria 2017

©#FreeZakzaky Campaign Committee, October 2017

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