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Palestinians, the most Persecuted People in the World

The Iranian capital, Tehran, is set to host a two-day international conference on Palestine in a show of solidarity with the oppressed nation in the face of Israeli occupation and atrocities.

Catherine Shakdam, director of the London-based Shafaqna Institute for Middle Eastern Studies, believes by holding this conference on Palestine, Iran is sending a “powerful message” to imperial powers that people will resist until every country under occupation is freed.

“Iran is one of the only countries to support Palestine in this manner and the fact that tomorrow and after tomorrow a conference is being held on Palestine to try to redefine what it means to resist against oppression and in this particular case against Zionism I think it is absolutely instrumental and it really goes to show the level of dedication that the Islamic Republic has towards not just supporting the cause of the Palestinian people but all the oppressed in the world.,” the analyst told Press TV in an interview on Monday.

She also noted this conference is about “reaffirming the narrative of resistance”, adding that it is about enacting freedom which is one of the most important messages of the Intifada movement.

Shakdam also emphasized the reason why Iran is holding this conference is because no country better understands what it means to resist imperialism.

She further stated Palestinians are the most persecuted people who have been denied their “identity, truth, history, sovereign rights, and lands”, asserting that Western countries are coming up to this realization that they cannot stand it anymore.

According to the analyst, there is a “great dichotomy” today in the West where people understand what Palestine is going through but it is still very difficult for them to stand up against Zionism.


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