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Ayatollah Sayyed Ali Hussaini Sistani

Pakistani Nation Must Strengthen their Unity: Ayatollah Sistani

Grand Ayatollah Sayyid Ali Hussaini Sistani has told a Pakistani delegation in Iraq’s holy city Najaf that Pakistani nation must strengthen their unity at all cost.

“I remain aware of the state of affairs of people of Pakistan and India and pray for their well-being,” he told a delegation of Asgharia Ilm-O-Amal Tehreek led by Engineer Sayyid Hussain Moosavi.
He told the delegation that Pakistanis were facing problems due to US administration and to come out of that problem is nothing but unity of Pakistani nation. He said that Pakistanis have no choice but national unity against all challenged and united they would defeat all problems.
Grand Ayatollah Sistani said that ‘knowledge’ is an asset and Pakistanis should also pay attention to it by ensuring that their children get modern education along religious education of Islamic principles and tenets, morale values, etc.
He said that enemies were also trying to sow the seeds of division among Shia Muslims hence all must make it sure that nobody could succeed in creating enmity within them.


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