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Nigerian Shi’as Visited Churches to Celebrate Christmas & Advocate for Peace

Members of the Islamic Movement In Nigeria (IMN) yesterday visited some Churches in Kaduna as part of Christmas celebration and advocated for peaceful coexistence among all and sundry in the country.

The leader of the Shiites group team who were at the Evangelical Church Winning All (ECWA) Marafa Estates, said Islam is a religion of peace and living in peace with one’s neighbours is one of the directives of the Prophet Mohammed (PBUH)
The leader of the team Dr Shuaibu Musa said, “We are here to merry with our Christian brothers on the birth of he whose return has been foretold by our Prophet to herald the appearance of the awaited one Imam Mahdi.
“I will protect their religion and their Churches wherever they are found. We therefore hold these covenant that is why our leader Sheikh Ibraheem Zakzaky showed us that Christians are not our enemy but our brothers and neighbours.
“Together we can champion unity among all religious people and take unified stance against aggressive leaders. The Church should join the struggle against oppressors and tyrants right away,” he said.
In his remarks Rev. Sule Mashan, said all human beings are created by God and in his wisdom make some Christians and others Muslims. He therefore called for understanding among the two religion followers.
The group then proceeded to Christ Evangelical and life Intercessory Ministry, Sabon Tasha, Kaduna in Chikun local government area where they continued the celebration and later joined by other Muslims from Katsina, Kano,Zamfara and Sokoto States.
The general overseer of the Ministry, Pastor Yohanna Buru, expressed gratitude for the astonishing turn out of Muslim youth including their scholars at the church for Christmas service with such a large number of women Muslims and children to promote peace and unity.
He said the numbers of Muslims attending Christmas services with the Church is increasing year-by-year as a result of better understanding and religious tolerance,
“We must remember that we are from one family, because Adams and Eve were our father, we all have our holy scriptures “Bible and Qur’an “and we also believed in paradise and hell fire ,therefore, we must be our brothers keepers, to live in peace and harmony,” He said.
In his own remarks, an Islamic Scholar, Sheikh Halliru Marayu, saId Nigerians must team up and unite the country stressing the need for forgiveness among one another.
He urged Christians to use the lesson learnt from Jesus Christ to live in peace and harmony with every human kind.
Maraya added that, “Any Muslim that doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ is not a complete Muslim, while calling on government at all levels to immensely allow Nigerians to practice their religious freedom like every other citizens.


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