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Netherlands Muslim Concern over Islamophobia Rising

The Muslim community in the Netherlands is now feeling a sense of fear as 206 Islamophobia attacks were carried out in 2015 in the country.

Also extreme right has risen in the Netherlands, once considered as one of most tolerant countries. Now Muslims are being targeted and no exemplary sentence is given to the attackers.

Foundation for Political, Economic and Social Research (SETA) in its 2015 report said that some 279 religion-based discriminatory attacks were carried out in Holland, out which 206 were carried out against Muslims, a significant increase from 150 in 2013, The Daily Sabah reported.

Doamuslims.org, a webpage that documents Islamophobic attacks, reported that in 2015 alone 39 percent of all mosques in Holland have had experienced discriminatory aggression while 68 percent among that group suffered physical attacks, smashing of windows being the main style of attack.

Although 81 percent of these attacks were reported to the police, 51 percent of the institutions felt that they received enough help from the law enforcers.

Radio Netherlands Worldwide also reported that there were some 117 attacks on mosques in Holland between 2005 and 2010, more than any other country. It said that in 2011, only 290 discriminatory comments were detected on the Internet however with the rise of social media that number has become uncountable.


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