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MWL Signs Agreement on Regulating Halal Products in Japan

Secretary-General of the Muslim World League Mohammed bin Abdul Karim Al-Issa signs an exclusive agreement to regulate Halal food in Japan.

Muslim World League (MWL) Secretary-General Dr. Mohammed Al- Issa signed on Saturday an exclusive agreement to regulate Halal food in Japan.

Japan Halal Association (JHA) Chairman Mr. Seiji Sakata signed the agreement on Japan’s behalf.

The cooperative arrangement allows the MWL to be exclusively responsible for regulating halal food in Japan, including the 2020 Olympics in Tokyo.

Terms permit the MWL in issuing Halal certificates, whether to the Muslim community in Japan or to exports going abroad, especially to Arab and Islamic countries.

Overseeing imported products and ensuring that their legal and procedural standards are applied will also be among the MWL’s tasks.

The signing ceremony was attended by Mitsuhiro Miyakoshi, special adviser to the Japanese prime minister, and Prince Hiroyoshi, the cousin of the Emperor, along with a number of representatives of Islamic centers, Japanese authorities and major companies.

Issa also explained that the MWL occupies an important position in the Islamic world on representing Muslims around the world and as a global Islamic organization concerned with their affairs in general, including clarifying misconceptions on Islam.

In a statement, Issa said that the cooperation and coordination between the MWL’s agencies and Japanese Association reflects the level of mutual trust and the great role that MWL is playing towards Muslims, along with its important position in the Islamic world.


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