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“Muslim Emoji”, First Islamic App for Emoticons

A new app called “muslimemoji” was released for Android and IOS stores, a one-dollar application that has been identified as “the first Islamic app for emoticons.”

The makers describe the application as the only application with over 100 Islamic emojis to be used with Messenger, Whatsapp, Email, and different platforms. According to them, it’s the only emoji app dedicated solely for Muslims in phones application stores.
In the application, you can see “Halal/Haram” emojis, which is the equivalent of allowed/forbidden. There are also Holy Qur’an and Kaaba, as well as bearded men, and girls wearing veils. It’s noteworthy that the face emojis are the same as normal emojis, only with beards and veils added.
The responses to the app varied on its page on the store, in the “Google” store it was downloaded over 50 times, with almost 27 giving it a rating of 1 out of 5, on the other hand, only 10 gave it 5 out of 5; making its average rating 2.3 out of 5. While on the IOS store, the application’s average rating is 3.5 out of 5.
It’s not the first custom-emoji application on the android or the IOS stores, but it’s said to be the first Islamic one.
This comes after Apple introduced 150 new emojis to its store last year, among them were a mosque, Kaaba, and Tasbeeh (praising the God) emojis for Muslim users. The new emojis garnered a lot of attention on Twitter, with people praising Apple on the move, which probably encouraged the makers of “muslimemoji” application to come forward.


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