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Mufid Academic Seminary Launches its BA in Hawzah Studies Program

Located in Fairfax Virginia, Mufid Academic Seminary (MAS) announces the launch of its BA in Hawzah Studies program for the Fall of 2020.

After successfully launching its MA in Islamic Studies Shiʻi Concentration in collaboration with George Washington University in 2018, the BA in Hawzah Studies program is accepting part-time students for fall of 2020.

Mufid’s Hawzah Studies program is equivalent to a BA in Islamic Studies and is a hybrid (online and in-person) three-year program. In the course of each semester, BA students meet with their professors for 14 weeks online and about 10 days in-person. The Mufid hybrid program allows students to continue their studies in any other full-time program while pursuing their passion for traditional Hawzah Studies.

Graduates of this program will have the opportunity to serve the community as clergy and religious leaders.  Those who wish to excel in academia will be given preference to receive funding for an MA in Islamic Studies at George Washington University.

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