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All Medicines and Vaccines Use in Malaysia are Halal

All medicines and vaccines given to patients in Malaysia are halal, the Malaysia Health Ministry said.

Its Deputy Minister Datuk Seri Dr Hilmi Yahaya said claims made by certain quarters that medicines and vaccines provided by the ministry contained porcine DNA were unfounded.

He said, in the past, it was the anti-vaccine movement making such claims.

“Now, there are some people claiming that medicines given by the ministry too contained porcine DNA.

“They are making accusation without getting the accurate information, lifting it from the internet.

It is so easy for them to become ‘Dr Google’ and spread the wrong information to the people,” he said.

“What is most disappointing, some people actually believe in such claims,” he said during a gathering with hospitals’ board of visitors and health clinics’ advisory panel here last night.

Meanwhile, Dr Hilmi said almost 90 per cent of 856 health clinics had formed advisory panel, aimed at strengthening the health services strategy.

He said the advisory panel, launched in 1995 and has 14,665 members, was to foster closer rapport between society and health practitioners.

source: nst

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