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Lady Khadijah Has not Been Introduced Justly: Ayatollah Khamenei

Lady Khadijah (s.a.) has not been introduced justly. Her nobility as a wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was manifold.

There were other women who had the honor of marrying the Prophet; however, they were not with the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) when he went through hardships during the major period of his prophethood. The ten years of his life spent in Medina was easier than the time he was [in Mecca with Lady Khadijah]: he was respected in Medina. Whereas, in Mecca, Lady Khadijah (S.A.) observed and endured the difficult period of the life of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH).
The mere fact of believing in the Prophet (PBUH) is extremely valuable and important: the first believers were Imam Ali (A.S.) and Lady Khadijah (S.A.). Relinquishing a way of life, that one has lived with for many years, is not so easy: we have not experienced it to understand how difficult it can be. Khadijah (S.A.) understood the truth [of Islam], right away, because of her pure soul. Just as she saw the Prophet returning from [the cave of] Hara in a particular state of being, as depicted in books, she understood an important phenomenon had taken place; thus, her heart was fascinated, and she believed. Then she persisted steadfastly with her belief in Islam. She spent all her wealth in the way of Islam: this might be easy to express in words. Well, the wealthy sometimes spend [a sum of] their money; but, when someone gives away all their money and abandons their comfortable life for a cause, it is not easy. For instance, it is said that Imam Hassan Mujtaba (A.S.) gave away much of his hard earned money, on several occasions, or that he gave half of his wealth away: this requires a great and generous spirit. Lady Khadijah (S.A.) had such a remarkable spirit that she gave away all her wealth in support of Islam and Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Later on, she was afflicted with immense suffering and hardships, one instance included three years in exile, in the valley of Abi Talib. She endured all those difficulties and stood, steadfastly, for the sake of her beliefs.
The Qur’an distinguishes between those who give their money [to charity] before the victory and those who give after that: “Those who spend for the cause of God and fight before victory will have higher positions than those who spend for the cause of God and fight after victory.” {Qur’an 57:10} Before victory refers to the period before establishing a government in Medina; that is, before the time Medina was under the control of Prophet Muhammad, and he had some power, domination and some comforts in life. Lady Khadijah (a.s.) gave her money for the cause of God at the hardest times: she relinquished her wealth, her life and her comfort. So she had a very high rank with such great virtues: but she is not been introduced justly. Her excellency has been wronged, in this respect. Mr. A’rafi referred to her excellency as being lonely [neglected by the society]. This is true. Lady Khadijah (a.s.) was lonely. She is known as the mother of eleven Imams (a.s.), but she is indeed the mother of twelve Imams; because she is also the mother of Imam Ali (a.s.) since she raised and nurtured Imam Ali (a.s.) in her home.

The first person who believed in Prophet Muhammad (PBUH

Lady Khadijah (S.A.) became a believer, early on, after the emergence of Islam. She made the greatest move as a mature, wise and honorable lady: she was the first believer in Islam. Then, she spent all her wealth on a mission that involved inviting people to Islam and spreading the religion. Her mission is known to those who have experienced the role of offering financial support during times of combat and extreme pressures. Possibly, without the support of Lady Khadijah (S.A.), the movement or progression of Islam could have been disrupted to a great extent. Later, she, along with Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) and all other Muslims, was exiled to the valley of Shi’b Abi Talib, she endured a difficult life for a few years. While in exile, in the valley of Abi Talib, she responded to the call of truth and parted from this world.

Lady Khadijah (S.A.) was truly gentle and tolerant. The honor of being the wife of the prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was twofold for her. There were other women who had received the honor of becoming the wife of the prophet, but they didn’t witness the difficulties that the Prophet (PBUH) endured during most of his prophethood. The prophet was in Medina for ten years compared to his life in Mecca [during the rise of Islam]: he had a comfortable life in Medina: he was respected and honored. Lady Khadijah (S.A.) witnessed a painful period of the life of the prophet: she endured the most difficult of times.

The prophet’s welcoming behavior towards a non-Muslim lady who used to be nice to lady Khadijah (a.s.)

During the governing period of prophet Muhamad(PBUH), a woman paid a visit to him in the city of Medina. The prophet’s companions saw the prophet warmly welcomed the woman greeted her and asked about her and her family’s well-being. He behaved very kindly towards her. When the woman left, the prophet said to his companions, in order to answer their wonder, that the woman used to visit them[The prophet and his honorable wife lady Khadijah] at the time when lady Khadijah was still alive (when they were under suppression in Mecca). Possibly when all the companions were encircled and they could not visit lady Khadijah, this woman visited her. In this narration, it is not mentioned that this woman had converted to Islam. Probably, she was not Muslim. But the prophet (PBUH) appreciated her previous kindness to Khadijah, some.


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