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Islamic Unity & Having an Influential Presence in this New World Is Possible

Ayatollah Khamenei considered unity and solidarity as a requirement for the Islamic nation to play a significant role and achieve a high position in the new global power structure. “Islamic unity and having an influential presence in this new world is possible and doable on the condition that practical efforts are made and hardships and difficulties are withstood.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Ayatollah Khamenei, met with guests participating in the 36th International Islamic Unity Conference and government officials on Friday, October 14, 2022. The meeting coincided with the birth anniversary of Prophet Muhammad and Imam Sadiq (pbut).

The Leader congratulated the attendees on this special occasion and emphasized that the unique nature of the Holy Prophet’s personality culminates in the Bi’that, explaining that: “Celebrating the birth of the Holy Prophet (pbuh) is an opportunity for the Islamic nation to learn from and to establish him as a role model.”

Ayatollah Khamenei analyzed and explained the reasons behind the Islamic nation’s sufferings in today’s world by referring to the Quranic verses that describe the sufferings and hardships of the Islamic nation as something that is painful for the Prophet and a source of joy for the enemies. He added: “There are a number of reasons for the problems and hardships of the Islamic world, but one of the most important reasons is the division and discord that exists between Muslims.”

He considered unity and solidarity as a requirement for the Islamic nation to play a significant role and achieve a high position in the new global power structure. “Islamic unity and having an influential presence in this new world is possible and doable on the condition that practical efforts are made and hardships and difficulties are withstood. The Islamic Republic of Iran is an excellent example of this. It began as a small sapling that stood up to the two superpowers with the guidance of the late Imam Khomeini (ra). That sapling has now turned into a mighty tree which no one dares to uproot.”

Ayatollah Khamenei raised the question of “what is meant by unity?” He said: “What is meant by unity in the Islamic world is unity in protecting the interests of the Islamic nation, rather than racial and geographical unity. A correct understanding of the interests of the Islamic nation and whom Muslims should befriend or be enemies with, as well as implementing joint actions against the plots of imperial arrogant powers, are crucial matters for achieving unity.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that the important and fundamental point in joint action is to reach a common understanding about changing the political order in the world. He stated: “The world’s political map is changing and the unipolar system is being discarded. The dominance of Global Arrogance is also losing its legitimacy more than ever now and so a new world is being created.”

He continued: “In these circumstances, the Islamic nation can reach a sublime position and serve as a role model and pioneer in this new world, provided it can achieve unity and overcome divisions and the temptations of the US, Zionists, and large companies.”

Ayatollah Khamenei underscored that Islamic unity needs to be realized in order to prevent religious differences from turning into disputes and conflicts. He added: “American and British politicians who are against the very essence of Islam have started discussing Shia and Sunni issues in their circles and this is a very dangerous matter.”

He denounced the normalization of relations between some Islamic countries and the Zionist regime as one of the biggest acts of treason, stating: “Some might say that it is not possible to achieve unity in the current state with the presence of some of the leaders of these Islamic countries, however, intellectuals, scholars, elites and wise men of the Islamic world can create a different environment than the one which the enemy is after, in which case the possibility of achieving unity will become more feasible.”

Ayatollah Khamenei reiterated his previous analysis of the “British Shia” and “American Sunnis”, outlining the efforts that some have made to distort it. “A British Shia or an American Sunni is someone who, like DAESH, serves the enemy in any position and country, by creating conflict, division and takfir.”

Ayatollah Khamenei further expressed regret about the crimes of DAESH in Iraq, Syria and especially the killing of students in Afghanistan. “There are extremist individuals on both the Shia and Sunni sides who have nothing to do with these schools of thought. These extremists should not pave the way for accusations to be made against the principles of denominations. Serious action should be taken against those who provoke the feelings of others in the name of supporting a certain denomination.”

The Leader of the Revolution also considered the hardships, difficulties and the ever-increasing killings taking place in Palestine and in other parts of the Islamic world a result of the “dispersal of the Islamic nation.” With reference to the many common features of Muslims, he stated: “Up until now, the Islamic Republic of Iran has used everything in its power to achieve Islamic unity in practical terms. A clear example of this is the comprehensive support it has given to its Sunni brothers in Palestine and this support will continue in the same way as before from this point forward.

He also highlighted that the resistance front formed in the Islamic world is supported by the Islamic Republic. “We have faith in God’s grace and are hopeful about achieving the great dream of Islamic unity in a practical manner.”

At the beginning of this meeting, President Sayyid Ebrahim Raisi, described the Holy Prophet as mankind’s greatest inviter to justice, rationality, spirituality and morality. He enumerated the great lengths to which the enemies of the Prophet’s movement have gone to, in order to assassinate the Prophet’s character and mission: “Today, in the line up of the anti-Islamic front against the followers of the Prophet, these same efforts are being made in the form of cultural and economic terrorism. Previously, they were not able to stand in the way of the Prophet’s movement spreading throughout the world. In the same way, they will not be able to stop the nation from adhering to the Prophet’s values today.”

Hujjat al-Islam wa al-Muslimeen Raisi considered Iran’s outstanding and comprehensive developments as the reason behind the enemy’s grudge against the Iranian nation. He stated: “In my recent trip to New York, the United Nations Secretary General apologized to me in a private meeting, saying that despite his efforts, he was not able to lift the sanctions on Iran that were related to the coronavirus. I replied by telling him that the Iranian nation has always turned threats and sanctions into opportunities. In the case of the coronavirus, we became exporters of the vaccine by activating six vaccine production centers and today we are among the top countries in the world that have succeeded in dealing with this disease.”

Referring to the statistics of scientific development, economic growth, the reduction of inflation and an increase in commercial and international cooperation of the country, the President thanked the Iranian people for their sincere cooperation with the government, especially in the implementation of economic reforms. He stated: “In the recent riots, the enemies of Iran sought to create trouble for the country. However, with patience and resistance, the Iranian people foiled their plots.”

President Raisi mentioned the concealment of facts and the spread of “modern ignorance” as examples of the current tactics of the ill-wishers of the Islamic world. He added: “The way to deal with these tactics, is to spread awareness about the issue of Islamic unity and to refrain from division.”


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