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Iran’s Support of Palestine Is Based on Islamic Jurisprudence, Islamic Law

The Islamic Republic’s support is based on Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law, rather than tactical moves or diplomatic issues,” said Ayatollah Khamenei in a meeting with Ismail Haniyeh on June 21, 2023.

Ayatollah Khamenei emphasized the sense of responsibility of the young, faithful Palestinians and their individual and collective presence on the battlefield as a very important issue.

“What happened recently in Jenin and the siege of the Zionist military by the Palestinian youth are clear examples of this new scene and heralds a bright future a full victory for the Palestinians,” underlined Imam Khamenei, as he pointed out the progressive movement of the Palestinian issue.

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution emphasized that the issue of Palestine is at the heart of the Islamic world and the Islamic nation’s issues. “The amount of progress that is made on the Palestinian issue will influence the amount of progress that will be made regarding the issues of the Islamic nation,” he said.

Referring to the noticeable difference in the conditions of Palestine compared to two or three years ago, Imam Khamenei added, “What impeded the Palestinian cause in the not too distant past was the youth not being present on the scene, but now they have voluntarily entered the field. And more importantly, their reliance is on Islam.

Imam Khamenei also re-emphasized the issue of “unity” and harmony among the Resistance groups. “In the recent battle in Gaza, we saw that the enemy’s attempt was to create discord and division among the Resistance groups. They wanted to induce this kind of atmosphere, but, by God’s grace, their efforts were to no avail. Therefore, we need to focus more on the issue of unity and harmony and we need to continue this correct path with power.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution regarded Gaza as the center of Resistance, adding that the point that will bring the enemy to its knees is the West Bank, where good progress has been made so far.

While hailing the efforts of young Palestinians, Imam Khamenei added, “Who would have thought that one day the Palestinian youth in Jenin would tighten the noose around the Zionist forces so much that they would be forced to use fighter jets to escape from the siege of the young fighters? But this happened a few days ago in Jenin.”

The Leader considered the international atmosphere to be in the interest of the Palestinian people despite all the existing pressures from some governments.

“On Quds Day this year, in addition to Islamic countries, marches and demonstrations were held even in European countries, where the European people expressed their opposition to the Zionist regime. This is a very important issue and it should be amplified.”

The Leader of the Islamic Revolution once again remarked the Islamic Republic’s support for the Palestinian Cause, adding that “Imam Khomeini (ra) supported Palestine from the very beginning of the Islamic Movement on the basis of faith and religion. The Islamic Republic’s support is based on Islamic jurisprudence and Islamic law, rather than tactical moves or diplomatic issues.”

Imam Khamenei also considered it a religious duty for all Muslims to take action and make an effort to liberate Palestine. In this regard, he stated, “For all Muslims, it is compulsory to become involved in efforts aimed at liberating Palestine. This is a religious duty.”

During the meeting, Mr. Haniyeh expressed his gratitude toward the Islamic Republic for its ongoing support of the Palestinian issue. He also presented a report on the latest developments in the occupied territories, especially the West Bank.

“Gaza is the heart of the Resistance, but today the main and decisive battle is taking place in the West Bank. The Zionist enemy is making some dangerous decisions, but because of the upper hand that our young fighters have in the West Bank, the Zionist regime has no other choice but to choose between bad and worse options,” he said.

Ismail Haniyeh described the Palestinian youth’s embracing of struggle and jihad and the formation of voluntary armed resistance units in the West Bank as the most important development that has taken place in occupied Palestine. “The current circumstances and the progress made by the Resistance Front are unprecedented in the history of the occupation of Palestine,” he added.

While addressing the Leader of the Islamic Revolution, Mr. Haniyeh added, “We emphasize in your presence that the Resistance groups will not retreat from the Palestinian territory and that the approach of struggle and jihad will continue until Quds is liberated. By the grace of God and with the help of the young, faithful Palestinian generation, Al-Aqsa Mosque will be freed from the clutches of the occupiers in the not-too-distant future and we, together with you, will all pray there.”


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