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Imam Musa Sadr’s Letter to Saudi Prince to Rebuild the Jannat al-Baqi

Imam Musa Sadr in a letter to the Saudi crown prince asked him to take measures as the custodian of the Baqi Cemetery.

According to the Ijtihadnet, the eighth of Shawal is the anniversary of the demolition of Baqi in 1344 AH. It is the day the Baqi cemetery was completely ruined by the Wahhabis.

Imam Musa Sadr, after attempts to help the reconstruction of Baqi cemetery in a meeting with the Saudi crown prince, wrote to prince again in 1974 for reiterate this subject.  The text of this letter is as follows.

In the name of God

My dear brother, the honorable prince, Amir Mohsen Abdul Mohsen ibn Abdul Aziz Al Saud

May God shower you with peace and blessings. You are the protector and guardian of the holy shrines and pilgrims, establishing the foundations of your ruling on the divine commandments and elevating the position of the Muslims in the world. And when the day of the trial came, under the leadership of that victorious leader, you assumed a position that transformed this land,this nation and your leadership into a divine and indestructible power against these two super powers. You realized dreams and hopes,instilling trust and happiness in the mind of the Arabs and Muslims. May you taste its sweetness and your ruling be ever lasting.

Here, I asked my brother and kinsfolk, Allamah Hadi Ghomi, on his Umrah pilgrimage to take this letter and message to you as a means of renewing my pledge, and sending regards to a courageous and sincere brother whose short visit had a deep and lasting effect on me.

On that occasion, I remember engaging in a short discussion with the prince at his office in 2013concerning some of the repairs and reconstructions required around the Baqi.

In that meeting, considering the magnanimity, great ambitions and the faithful and enlighten edspirit of the prince, I pointed that building a shrine for the Ahl al-Bayt was not endorsed by Muslim jurists, and therefore, we eschew from such a proposal.  Nonetheless, refurbishing and repairing the cemetery,paving its interior sidewalks, creating green space in the area to turn it into a scenic area with a fountain,repairing the walls and decorating them with beautiful marble stones, erecting shades around the place, and measures of that ilk are approved and requested by the majority of jurists and it would facilitate the provision of services to hundreds of thousands of pilgrims and devoted worshipers and pilgrims of the Infallible. It will deepen popular interest in your brilliant and thoughtful Islamic leadership, especially at the time when His Majesty is striving to foster the unity and integrity of Muslims.

My brother and master, Amir! May God be witness – and He suffices as a witness- that this offer comes from a sincere heart and vigilant mind that ascertains the dimensions of the problem, and harbor good intentions, especially for your majesty, for I am one of your staunch supporters.

So, you can seize this opportunity to carve your name on the pages of history and in the hearts of millions and even hundreds of millions of Muslims – or let me dare and declare the heart of the Prophet (peace be upon him), Even beyond that, you see this as a religion obligation to your supporters, and me as the smallest of your advocates. It is a debt that cannot be paid even with friendship, service, and sacrifice of one’s property.

I look forward to hearing from you and I will be delighted if in your visit to Beirut, when I come to receive you, or when you arrive in Medina for visiting the shrine of the Prophet and its guardian, we can talk over these issues.

In the end, please accept my prayers, greetings and regards.

Sincere wishes,

Your brother

Musa Sadr

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