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Imam Hussain (AS) Inspires Generations on the Path of Emancipation

Indeed, if the goal is to attain emancipation of humankind, Hussain is the torch-bearer of values that excel in dire straits against repression and cruelty.

Imam Hussain ibn Ali is the truest manifest of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him), and his message transcends religions, ages and civilisations, as of the Oracle of Almighty. What Hussain stood for in the Battle of Karbala in 61 Hijra, and for what he sacrificed his kith and kin, along with his companions who were 72 in numerical strength, and fought the barbaric mercenaries to the tune of nine lakh soldiers, is in need of being understood!

It is all the more important to eulogise and disseminate the Holy Imam’s character, power of decision-making in incredible adversity and the faith in Allah, which has bestowed him the status of a divine legend unparalleled to none in living history. His commitment to the cause of genuine Islamic teachings, as preached by his maternal grandfather, the Prophet (peace be upon him), and the devotion to stand against tyranny and an unjust illicit order is a marvelous piece of human treatise.

In an age of information, as mankind strides to erect a fair socio-economic order, on the ruins of disparity, discrimination and destruction, it is Hussain who can come to guide by virtue of his principles demonstrated on the barren sand dunes of Karbala, without water and food for many days, but never bowed to the demand of allegiance of the bigot, ignoble and the wicked. Isn’t this enough of a gist to dissect the message of Hussain from Karbala, and introduce it in all walks of life, irrespective of one’s sect, religion and belief?

Indeed, if the goal is to attain emancipation of humankind, Hussain is the torch-bearer of values that excel in dire straits against repression and cruelty. Hussain’s defiance against subjugation will keep on guiding humanity till the attainment of salvation.

To seek inspiration from Hussain, it is not necessary to be a Shia, or even a Muslim. Hussain guides the entire humanity, and motivates every generic and righteous soul to stand fast for egalitarianism and freedom, and that too on the premise of a sound footing of self-integrity and honesty.

Perhaps, this is why Josh Malihabadi, the famous poet of the subcontinent, said: “Insaan ko Baidaar Tou Ho Lene Do; Har Qaum Pukaray Gi Hamare Hain Hussain” i.e. let humans rise from slumber; every nation will cry, Hussain is ours. Surely, it is so because the sacrifice of Karbala by the progeny of the Prophet (peace be upon him), and companions, is a glorious episode of valour, fearlessness and bravery; and last but not least the love for the divinity driven from Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him).

Hussain’s stance was rooted in his upbringing in the lap of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) who repeatedly pronounced, “Hussain-o-Minni Wa Ana Minal Hussain,” (Ref: Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol: 1,144) i.e. “Hussain is from me, and I’m from Hussain.” This piece of Hadith is a testimony of oneness of souls between the Prophet (peace be upon him) and his grandson, who surely lived up to the cause of upholding the virtue of his grandfather by rendering every sacrifice without even having a second thought.

Thus, on Rajab 24, 60 Hijra, when Hussain proudly uttered before the demon of evil in Medina that, “Mujh Jaisa Tujh Jaise Ki Bayyat Nahi Kar Sakta” i.e. the one like me can never owe allegiance to a character like you, Hussain was marveling the grace, temperament, philosophy, psychology and constitution of the ultimate law-giver, the Prophet (peace be upon him), by making an undeniable reference to his high moral standing. This is in need of being prophesied even today to differentiate righteousness from evil, and surely Hussain is the name that rallies the suppressed with his mindset that lives on to-date.

No surprise, on the day of Ashura (10th of Muharram), Hussain beseeched the consciousness of humanity till the Day of Judgment by calling, “By God, I will never surrender to my enemies like a humiliated person and never pledge allegiance to them like slaves.” (Bihar Al-Anwar, Vol: 45, P. 7).

And then on the banks of Euphrates where his 32-year-old brother Abbas was amputated; his 18-year-old son Ali Akbar, who resembled the Prophet (peace be upon him), was pierced in chest, after collecting the stampede body of his nephew, Qasim ibn Hassan, having his six-month-old infant Ali Asghar’s neck riddled by an arrow, and having picked up maimed and bruised 71 bodies within a span of 10 hours, Hussain ibn Ali had the spirit and determination to challenge and cry, “Hal Min Nasirin Yansorona?” (Is there any helper to help us?”). This clarion call will keep on echoing for all times to come, and call upon mankind to rally with Hussain.

As Hussain went down fighting, he mesmerised the freedom-lovers of every generation with his glorious utterance, “…Let any calamity befall me and my dear ones, the Will of the Lord shall be done. Hussain will cheerfully meet any catastrophe but never surrender Truth to Falsehood.” This is what makes Karbala and Hussain, t he scion of Ali and Fatima, an institution to recollect and take a stance against adultery, repression and falsehood.

The Article was written by Ishtiaq Ali Mehkri and first published in tribune.

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