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18th International Conference on Islam and Democracy

18th International Conference on Islam and Democracy, August 4-5, 2016, Canada, Vancouver

The Conference on Islam and Democracy tries to bring together leading academic scientists, researchers and research scholars to exchange and share their experiences and research results on aspects of Islam and Democracy.

Selected Conference Papers

1) Social Media: The Major Trigger of Online and Offline Political Activism
Chan Eang Teng, Tang Mui Joo
2) Through the Lens of Forced Displacement: Refugee Women’s Rights as Human Rights
Pearl K. Atuhaire, Sylvia Kaye
3) Freedom of Media, Democracy and Gezi Park
Emine Tirali
4) Protection of Human Rights in Europe: The Parliamentary Dimension
Aleksandra Chiniaeva
5) Human Resources Recruitment Defining Peculiarities of Students as Job Seekers
O. Starineca
6) Promoting Gender Equality within Islamic Tradition via Contextualist Approach
Ali Akbar
7) Modeling Salam Contract for Profit and Loss Sharing
Dchieche Amina, Aboulaich Rajae
8) The Relationship between Democracy, Freedom, and Economic Development
Ugur Karakaya, Hasan Bulent Kantarcı
9) Shariah Compliance Space Planning for Hotel Room Design
Syaza bt. Saifuddin, Rashidi bin Othman, Muhammad Hafizuddin Akmal bin Md Hashim, Ismail bin Jasmani, Noor Hanita bt. Abdul Majid
10) Public Procurement Development Stages in Georgia
Giorgi Gaprindashvili
11) The Importance of Zakat in Struggle against Circle of Poverty and Income Redistribution
Hasan Bulent Kantarcı
12) Stop Forced Child Marriage: A Comparative Global Law Analysis
Michelle J. Miller
13) Deficiency Risk in Islamic and Conventional Banks
Korbi Fakhri
14) Assessing Basic Computer Applications’ Skills of College-Level Students in Saudi Arabia
Mohammed A. Gharawi, Majed M. Khoja
15) Sustainable Development: The Human Rights Approach to Environmental Protection in South Africa
C. M. van der Bank, Marjoné van der Bank


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  1. Salam,
    My name is Syaza Saifuddin and I see tht my paper is accepted in this conference, however I didn’t get any notifications or updates regarding this event. I was wondering if you published this in your journal or any form of media. I’m interested to know. Looking forward to hear from you soon.

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