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“HALAL MEDIA JAPAN” Website introduction

Halal Media Japan is the first Japanese Halal portal site available in English. Its philosophy is to introduce Japanese Halal to those, such as Muslims, who require Halal, and to contribute to the international community.

The portal introduces the prayer places (mosques) and Restaurants.

HALAL MEDIA JAPAN provides information for Muslim readers to decide for themselves whether something is HALAL or not, and it is not the reference to approve a certain item is halal or not.

HALAL MEDIA JAPAN uses the word “HALAL” is when “HALAL certificate” has been issued, regardless of the certification body.

For more information:

RKF Ebisu Building 5F, 2-1-2, Ebisu-Minami, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0022
tel: +81-50-5858-4797

Halal Media Japan Front page
Halal Media Japan Front page

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