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Germany to Grant Rumi Award 2015 in Islamic Studies

Rumi Award for 2015 book of the year in Islamic Studies in German language will be granted on 15 Feb. 2016 by the Foundation for Islamic Studies in Germany.

The Foundation for Islamic Studies has awarded the annual Rumi Award to Dr. Ahmad Milad Karimi for his outstanding research in the field of Islamic studies in German speaking countries.

The Award aims to support new research and innovation in comprehensive, moderate and rational readings in the field of Islamic Studies in German language. By granting the award, the foundation seeks to both observe the conducted research and written books and gain a close familiarity with related researchers as well as to open a new path for younger researchers in the field of Islamic Studies in German speaking countries.

The endowment of the prize is 5,000 Euros with the special statue of book of the year award. The 2015 Rumi Award will be granted to Dr. Ahmad Milad Karimi, Professor of philosophy, mysticism and theology at the University of Münster for his new book titled ‘Surrender’. His book is a new attempt at a systematic Islamic theology.

The award ceremony of the Rumi Award 2015 in Islamic Studies will be held on February 15, 2016 at 14:30 in the auditorium of the University of Münster.


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