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Fatwa of al-Azhar about Hijab

The global center for fatwa in al-Azhar emphasized that, hijab is obligatory based on the apparent text of the Glorious Qur’an and traditions which are definite in positiveness and implication, without the need to ijtihad in this regard.

In the statement of the center of al-Azhar, it is mentioned, “recently, in some views and fatwas, it is claimed that hijab is not obligatory; while, there is no doubt that such thoughts are claims which are not related with Islam; because, the obligation of hijab is proved definite in positiveness and implication and there is not much need to ijtihad in this regard and no one has the right to oppose established rules of religion and the Qur’an; and on the other hand, common and inexpert people do not have the right to give opinion in this regard either.

At the end, the fatwa center of al-Azhar warned those who preach such fatwas and asked them to avoid mentioning religious rules without reason and proof and leave it to expert people and scholars.

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