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Divine Peace Prevails on Laylat al-Qadr: Ayatollah Khamenei

On the Night of Power, divine peace begins to prevail from sunset until Fajr. These hours are filled with divine peace and divine tranquility and God’s mercy showers creation. A believer should best benefit from the priceless hours of Laylat al-Qadr.

One point is that all the people – particularly our dear youth – should not allow the relationship which they have established with Allah the Exalted to break off. You should preserve this relationship with God. And the means to achieve this purpose is available to everyone. If five-time daily prayers are said with careful attention and by considering the fact that we have stood before God, this will be the best relationship and it will make your hearts more enlightened on a daily basis. Those youth who gathered in mosques, hussainiyahs and holy places during the Nights of Qadr in order to shed tears, pray, recite the Holy Quran and enlighten their hearts with the light of divine kindness should preserve this relationship because they will benefit from it. By Allah’s favor, this relationship will be strengthened over time and in future years. This is how human beings can achieve perfection and the goal for which they were created. Success in all the areas of life depends on this.

The Nights of Qadr Are a Time for the Ascension of the Believers

The Nights of Qadr are a time for the ascension of the believers. We must do something to ascend and to move away as much as we can from material debris and trifles which many people throughout the world are trapped and caught up in. Attachments, bad behavior – inhuman and anti-human behavior – a spirit of aggressiveness, greed, corruption, decadence and oppression are the debris of the human soul. These nights should be able to help us move far away and separate from such things.

source: Khamenei.ir

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