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Confronting Takfiris from Ayatollah Makarem’s Point of View

It is essential that we increase our intellectual and cultural confrontation with the ideology of Takfir and Salafism based one which all Takfiri and Salafi groups operate.

Even if the sedition of the Takfiris is eradicated today, it will take tens of years to mend the damages that they have caused with the atrocities that they have so far committed in the Muslim world.

The blow is the Guidelines and Strategies for Confronting the Takfiri Trends from the Viewpoint of Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi:

In the current era, the atrocious ways of the various Takfiri groups and factions pose the greatest threat to the entire humanity, regardless of their religion and nationality. These Takfiri terrorists, who are the most atrocious criminals in the entire human history, are the inauspicious fruits of the wicked Wahhabi ideology.

These Takfiri groups have, without a doubt, created an atmosphere of insecurity all around the globe, mostly because of their complete lack of regard for all and every law. These Takfiri criminals are neither bound by the codes of ethics nor by any human sentiments, hence, they show mercy to no one, whether old, young, man, woman, or child.

Due to their inhumane and barbaric conduct, some people have analogized the Takfiris to the Kharijites, who were an extremist and wicked group in the early years of Islam. However, the Kharijites were nothing compared to these Takfiris, for they never committed such horrendous atrocities as inflicting widespread massacre and destruction on the Muslim world, selling the non-Muslim women in bazaars as slaves, creating such a shameful innovation in religion as the Jihād of Nikāh (authorizing the illicit relationship of women with Takfiri militants), and demolishing mosques and holy shrines.

Therefore, it is safe to conclude that the Kharijites today (i.e. the Takfiris) are far more dangerous than the Kharijites of the early Islamic era.

Yet, the most fundamental question still remains: For how long should we witness the Muslims’ blood being spilled and the dignity and honor of their women being violated?

If we want to put an end to these atrocities, we need to do all in our power to come up with new strategies and tactics to effectively fight and eradicate the sedition of Takfir.

Scientific confrontation, the Most Important Means to Be Utilized by the Muslim Scholars in Fighting Takfirism

It is essential that we increase our intellectual and cultural confrontation with the ideology of Takfir and Salafism based one which all Takfiri and Salafi groups operate. Above all, we should seek to eradicate the roots of extreme Takfirism that is practiced by the ISIL, terrorists. Therefore, we have to first recognize the fundamental principles and the origins of these Takfiri ideologies and annul them with sound evidence and through logical arguments.

It is worth noting that mere military campaigns are unable to effectively eradicate the ideology of Takfir, as if it is suppressed in one area it will emerge in another.

Therefore, in order to prevent the youth from being attracted to and recruited by these groups, it is necessary to do some serious cultural and ideological work in all countries to eliminate the idea of Takfirism from them.

To this end, all Muslim scholars must work together and to extirpate the deviant ideology of Takfir. Furthermore, the scholars of all Islamic schools must unanimously voice their denunciation of the practice of excommunication and Takfir and to wipe this blot off the garment of Islam.

One of the effective strategies towards the scientific confrontation with the Takfiri trends can be the dissemination of the scientific and cultural works of the “International Congress on the Takfiri Threats”, which have been published in various different languages. To this end, the ambassadors of various Muslim countries in Tehran can invite the intellectuals, scholars and cultural officials of their countries to utilize these valuable scientific works as resources in their countries.

Another strategy in this regard is to use the books, in which the Takfiri trends have been criticized, as textbooks in schools and universities. These books can be taught as course books to the teenagers and youth in order to enlighten them about the evils of the deviant ideology of Takfir.

The Establishment of Satellite TVs, an Essential Strategy in the Struggle against Takfiri Trends

It should not be forgotten that confrontation with the issue of Takfir is only effective when it is backed by scientific works and proper media coverage. Therefore, in order to completely purge the world of Takfiri trends it is essential that the mass media of the Muslim world play a more active role in the debilitation of these evil groups.

This is particularly important due to the fact that the enemies of Islam introduce the Takfiris to the whole world as representatives of what Islam is all about. An example of such a practice is that they deliberately call the Daesh terrorists the “Islamic State” in their media, while it is neither a state nor is it Islamic.

Therefore, in order to find a way out of this complicated and critical problem of the Muslim world, we propose to establish various satellite TVs in different languages whose aim will be to provide a full coverage of the scientific and cultural works produced against the evil and dangerous phenomenon of Takfir. We will also help in the establishment of such TV channels and we also ask all Muslim countries to contribute to this idea as much as possible. This is the only way that we can effectively expose the true nature of the deceptive and intriguing ideas of the Takfiris.

A Worldwide Uprising the Key Element in Defeating Takfiri Trends

To clarify this stance it has to be said that the Takfiris are not merely the enemies of the Shia Muslims, who are the followers of the school of the Ahl-al-Bait (a); rather, they have fought and will fight all Muslim schools which do not abide by their own specific ideology, as they believe that the followers of all such schools must be killed. The Takfiris believe that anyone who refuses to follow the Wahhabi school is a disbeliever in Allah and that all Muslims must fight and kill them.

This is how the Takfiris declared war on the entire world and created an atmosphere of insecurity all around the globe. Their threat is so serious that not even Saudi Arabia, the birthplace of Takfirism, is now safe from them. Thus, the entire world has to unite and take the necessary actions to eradicate this great problem, for if it continues to spread as it does today, it will inflict all countries, even those which are not inflicted by it today.

Moreover, it is worth noting that had it not been for the financial, logistical, and military support given to these Takfiri terrorists by some Western countries and their so-called allies in the region, the terrorist groups like ISIS would have gone extinct a long time ago and they would not have had the chance to cause such a widespread bloodshed in the region.

However, we warn the Western countries that if they continue to support Takfiri terrorists as they do today, they must prepare themselves to be plagued by them in their homelands, for the Takfiris know no borders for their crimes.

Thus, we ask all political leaders in the world to put under pressure and sanction the countries which provide the Takfiri groups with financial and political support and back them in their media. Today, all of the people of the world are unanimously voicing their denunciation of the ideology of Takfir and everyone knows that the Takfiris are not, in fact, Muslims. They have all realized that Islam is a religion of unity and peace and that the atrocities committed by the Takfiris have nothing to do with Islam. Today, everyone knows that the kind of violence spread by the Takfiris has nothing to do with Islam and that only one who knows nothing of Islam can commit such heinous crimes.

Now, just as the Islamic Republic of Iran is doing all in its power to save the entire humanity from the threats of Takfiri trends, other countries must also j o i n forces to fight Takfiri trends and ideology.

The Explication of True Islam, as the Best Strategy to Confront Takfiri Version of Islam

Islam has had an immense influence on the hearts and souls of the people of the world, and its great potential to influence them even more is, indeed, undeniable. Yet, the extremist and Takfiri trends and ideologies seek to demonstrate a distorted image of Islam with the crimes and atrocities that they commit in the name of Islam.

Nowadays, the Salafi Takfiris, who have delivered a mortal blow to Islam with their barbaric acts of murder and destruction, are undoubtedly the most critical problem of the Muslim world. These evil groups seek to depict Islam, which is the religion of affection and compassion, as a religion of violence, bloodshed, atrocity, and brutality. This has, in turn, provided the enemies of Islam with the proper excuse to further promote Islamophobia in the world.

Therefore, it is a duty upon us to enlighten all Muslims and non-Muslims in regards to the pure teachings of Islam and to put a stop at the crimes and atrocities of the Takfiris at the same time. To this end, we need to show the world that those who commit such heinous crimes and atrocities in the name of Islam are, in fact, not Muslims at all.

We must present a correct and genuine image of Islam, as the religion of compassion and affection, to the people of the world so as to cleanse from their minds the image in which Islam has been equated with murder and violence. This is a goal towards which Shia and Sunni Muslims must work hand in hand. We all need to do this to defend the image of the great Prophet of Islam (s), who had nothing but compassion and affection towards all the people of the world, but is today being depicted as a horrible symbol for the human world by the Takfiris.

Therefore, we need to show the whole world that the Islam which was brought by the Prophet of Islam (s) is in complete and direct contrast with what the misguided Takfiris believe and do, and that they are in fact not related at all.

The Unity of the Muslim Ummah, a Crucial Factor in the War on Takfiri Terrorists

Indeed, the greatest peril that threatens the unity of the Muslim Ummah is the sedition of the Takfiri terrorists. These terrorist groups issue rulings, in which they call various groups of Muslims disbelievers, without the existence of any legal and religious evidence that can prove such allegations. However, they still call other Muslims disbelievers and consider their blood to be forfeit, and then based on such unfounded rulings, they spill the blood of hundreds of innocent people.

Meanwhile, the best way to eradicate the sedition of Takfir and excommunication is for all Muslim scholars to unite and work hand in hand to prevent such invalid and deviant ideologies from further spreading in the world. We must keep this fact in mind that any kind of division among Muslim scholars will be used as an excuse for the enemies to slander Islam.  Furthermore, Muslims scholars must refrain from fanning the flames of religious conflicts, for at times like this, all Muslims need to be united with each other.

Exposing the Inseparable Connection between Wahhabism and Takfiri Trends

Perhaps one of the most effective ways of fighting the Takfiri trends is to expose the relationship between the Takfiris and the Wahhabis. There is no doubt that the Takfiri trends are the ominous offspring of the Wahhabi school of thought. Hence, if we properly show this fact to the people of the world it will constitute a major blow at this deviant cult as well as the Salafi and Takfiri groups.

This is due to the fact that every phenomenon is assessed based on its results and the result of the Wahhabi school is the abundance of the unprecedented crimes and atrocities committed by the Takfiri terrorists. Today it is crystal clear for all Muslims and non-Muslims that the birthplace of ISIS is Saudi Arabia and that the Takfiri groups and trends are all the offspring of Wahhabi school.

We also advise the Wahhabi scholars, particularly the Saudi ones, to eliminate the teachings which consider Muslims as disbelievers, from your textbooks and avoid excommunicating them. We further advise them, to cleanse their libraries of all of the books which promote this deviant ideology, for the bravest people are those who accept their mistakes and discard their invalid beliefs.

Final Word

In conclusion, it must be noted that we have voiced our concern regarding the Takfiri trends for years now and we alone have led the campaign against Takfiri trends. We have done all this in order to save the Muslim world from the evils of Takfiris, as well as the whole world for that matter. Not a week goes by that I do not condemn the crimes and atrocities of the Takfiri terrorists in my speeches. However, even if the sedition of the Takfiris is eradicated today, it will take tens of years to reconstruct the places that they have destroyed and mend the damages that they have caused with the atrocities that they have so far committed in the Muslim world.

Therefore, in the end I pray to Allah the Almighty to bestow astuteness on politicians, strength on the brave soldiers who fight Takfiris, and the opportunity to work hand in hand with one another to eradicate the sedition of Takfir form the world to the Muslim scholars, so that together create a safe and secure world.


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