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August, 2018

June, 2018

  • 27 June

    Ayatollah Sayyid Hussain Broujerdi in Picture

    Ayatollah Sayyid Hussein Tabatabaei Broujerdi, the great leader of Islam Shia sect, a great scholar of Islamic world of 20th century, was born in 1875 at the city of Boroujerd 400 kilometer south west of Tehran in Iran. His father was the late Seyed Ali Tabatabaiee, a Moslem Clergy of ...

  • 7 June

    Quds Day in the View of Imam Khomeini

    The International Day of Quds is commemorated throughout the world since 1979 on the call of Imam Khomeini [ra] after the success of Islamic Revolution in...

  • 7 June

    If Imam Hussayn Present Today Would Say: Shimr of 1300 Years Ago Is Dead

    If Hussayn Ibn Ali (P.B.U.H) present today, he would say if you people would want to mourn for me today, if you want to lament over me, your slogan must be Palestine. Shimr of 1300 Years Ago Is Dead. Is gone...

May, 2018

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